Breakfast is the first and most vital supper of the day, discussing Karachi, its known as the city of foodies, offers an extensive variety of English and Desi breakfast places. So, on the off chance that you are a person or admirer of crunchy Halwa Puri or English breakfast, you’ll discover assortment of desi-and English breakfast in Karachi where you can discover outstanding breakfast as far as value, taste and quality and besides amount.

At whatever point you’re in the disposition for some antiquated nashta, halwa puri is the best feast to get your filling early in the day. This dinner more often than excludes the steaming yet cripsy puri used to gather up the channay cholay bound with a fixing of that wantonly sweet halwa. What an ideal nibble to begin off your ideal languid Sunday.

A few of us have had dreams of our most loved food, however then we wake up to nothing. This prompts not realizing what to have for breakfast other than the typical and we wind up skirting the most critical dinner of the day. In any case, that won’t be the situation any longer, as we investigate the best breakfast joints in Karachi.

So in case you’re having a rushed begin, these breakfast and food places in Karachi are your lifelines. They are the gems serving scrumptious breakfasts to include an additional beam of daylight to your day. From desi bistros to the ones serving works of art, we shed light on the best breakfast places the city brings to the table.

Best Places for English and Desi Breakfast in Karachi


Xanders serves extra large breakfast bits to kick begin your initial morning hunger throbs. Their waffles, flapjacks and an assortment of egg things will undoubtedly draw in you again and again. They have a throughout the day breakfast; you don’t need to be a go-getter any more to appreciate a scrumptious breakfast.


Nothing beats an early Sunday morning walk around the shoreline took after by a late outdoors halwapuri breakfast at Baithak on charpayes with loved ones. On the off chance that you are not up for halwapuri, their parathas, particularly the cheddar ones merit attempting as well!


A standout amongst the most prevalent breakfast places to date, ToosoNashta keeps on remaining the go-to put for Karachiites since decades now.Tooso’s mark dishes are halwapuri, aloo bhujia and tea, the place additionally offers eggs and parathas for breakfast.

Del Frio

This present each other’s choice for the individuals who are in the state of mind of Waffles and Pancakes. With food made to satisfy your salivating taste buds, Del Frio entireties up to be an extraordinary breakfast pick.


Chatkharay in Khadda Market is a decent sit-down place to appreciate breakfast. It is known for its chaats. It’s awesome for familes and even your better half. Agreeable condition with your most loved halwapuri makes Chatkhaaray worth attempting.

Quetta Alamgir Hotel

Quetta Alamgir Hotel is another of our most loved desi breakfast places. They serve a standout amongst other lachaydaar parathas and doodhpati chai in Karachi. Their rendition of Pizza Paratha (omelet on paratha) is an absolute necessity attempt as well!

Master Juice

Master Juice in Defense Phase II is another prevalent place for halwa puri. While it’s well known for its squeezes, the breakfast here is fantastic. It’s outstanding amongst other spots to make the most of your most loved breakfast dinner in the Defense zone.

N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe

In the event that you wish to begin your mornings with gluten free breakfast, this is your spot. Nature of the bistro is great; the tree in the focal point of the bistro influences you to rest easy. There’s an Organic store joined to it, they offer some amazing natural nourishment which you can’t miss!

Cafe Kouso

Cafe Kouso is another mainstream sit-down place for breakfast. The halwa puri is an enormous hit there and it’s a fine choice for those that incline toward feast in to roadside joints.


Dhamtal is a well known pastry shop situated at Aisha Manzil, where one can get smackingly great Halwa Puri. On the off chance that you are a bite the dust heart enthusiast of Halwa Puri nothing could be superior to this place.


Floc has a wide range of sorts of omelets and espressos’ hot to icy. Furthermore, their raspberry stick is really astounding.

New Dilpasand Teen Talwar

Their mark standard food is Halwa Puri since right when you enter Clifton, you cannot resist halting here for their sizzling halwa poori nashta.

Cafe Flo

This place is clamoring with vitality on Sunday’s for their Sunday Brunch since it is simply spectacular. They have the most truly looking dishes that taste similarly stunning.

Cafe Clifton

Situated at Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, CafĂ© Clifton isn’t acclaimed for the assortment of teas they serve yet additionally for heavenly “Desi Nashta” charm. In the event that you are not up for “Halwa Puri” at that point their “Parathas” merit attempting.

Desi Gali

Desi Gali in Bukhari Commercial Area (Defense Phase 6) is known for its desi claims to fame from chaat, khow suey, and even halwa puri. You can appreciate it in the outside too and that is the manner by which we suggest you make the most of your most loved breakfast supper.

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