Inspirational quotes have a stunning capacity to propel others and change the way we feel about ourselves. This is the reason I discover them so fascinating and essential on our ways to progress. So what’s their mystery?

When you change the nature of your reasoning, you change the nature of your life, now and then in a split second.┬áLet be honest. Regardless of how cheerful, affable and happy you are in life by and large, there would be times when you’d feel pitiful. There comes times in life when the most trusted individuals abandon you when you require them the most. There comes times when you feel that no one comprehends you and you are in solitude in this capricious world.

In those harsh circumstances, it is, to be sure simple to go into dejection and feel awful about existence. These circumstances give you agony, and one fortunate thing about torment is that, it makes you more grounded, and it extends your usual ranges of familiarity, and once that awful time is gone, you return to existence with more strength and another form of yourself.

Following are 20 inspirational Urdu quotes to clarify life. They will disclose to you the unpleasant side of life, and they will give your fearlessness in those circumstances.

A Good Human Being

This is one beautiful quote which states that a good human being is known by his deeds otherwise a lot of good stuff is also written on the walls.

Good and Bad People

This quote states that instead of searching good people from the bad people what we should do is forget what the bad person did and look for the goodness in them.


This is a quote about life which means that anger is a sword that a person inserts in himself while in that state.

Taste of Your Own Medicine

This quote states that we never know about the ugliness of ethics until and unless someone treats us the same way we treat them.

A True Friend

This quote states that a true friend is the one that proves their friendship in their absence and talks good even behind their back.

Path of True and False

This quote states that if you can not see what is right then keep a close eye on what is false, you will get to know what is right.

Hope and Sadness

Here comes a beautiful quote which states that hope is the name of adding another life whereas sadness takes you closer to death.

Company of Kind People

This quote states that staying in the company of kind people will always give you kindness.

Seek Fogiveness

This quote states that seek forgiveness for that kind of wealth that makes you proud and that kind of poverty that makes you sad.

Time Always Passes

This is yet another beautiful quote which states that the best thing about time is no matter how it is, it always passes.

Two Faced People

This quote means that stay very cautious from those people who bear poison in their heart yet are very sweet to you in your face.

Accept What You Have

This quote means that instead of day dreaming about various stuff, a person should accept whatever is going on his/her life.

Get Education and Learn

This quote means that get education but it is very important to learn something from your education.

Leave it On Allah

This quote means that whenever it gets difficult to fulfil some of the relationships you should just leave them in the hands of God.

Make Yourself a Better Person

This quotes states that spend so much time in improving yourself so that you won’t get any time in criticizing others.

Proving Others Wrong

This is a beautiful quote which states that we spend a lot of time in proving others wrong instead of making ourselves better.

Humans and Angels

This quote means that human beings are gifted with both wishes as well as intelligence whereas animals just have wishes and angels have intelligence.

Give Advice and Apply

This quote means that whenever you give advice to someone else do not ever forget to apply it on yourself too.

Hold Onto Sincere Relatives

This quote means that no matter what your problem or difficulty is do not ever let go of sincere relatives. The problems will soon be over but the sincere relative will be gone forever.

Patience Is the Key

This is a beautiful quote which means that patience is the key to everything so do not rush in anything or else it will get worse.

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