Do you know which is the most popular new year’s resolution across the globe?

It’s losing weight to get in shape. And how many of us are guilty of giving up on it after a few weeks? Probably many. But who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy?

Health and fitness is everyone’s dream. Nowadays, it’s easier to get fit and healthy due to so many fitness resources, including gyms, sports, dance and Zumba, martial arts, yoga, etc., coupled with a balanced diet. Dietary and health supplements are also available to assist you in your fitness goal. However, it’s crucial to buy these supplements from a certified pharmacy. emeds Pharmacy is one such pharmacy that is ISO certified and delivers prescriptions, dietary supplements, and other health and wellness products at your doorstep.

Why is it Hard to Follow a Workout Routine?

The most important factor to physical and mental well-being is exercise.

But it’s hard to have continuity and follow through with a workout routine because it’s repetitive, boring, and eventually exhausting. A study shows that less than 5 per cent of adults actually do a 30-minute physical activity session every day.

Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to make exercise fun and entertaining. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore at all! Besides, people who enjoy their workout sessions benefit more from the exercise’s mental benefits, which involves decreased stress levels and a lower risk of depression.

10 Useful Ways to Make Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

There are many ways to make a workout enjoyable and entertaining, whether you have a few minutes or a couple of hours at your hands. To assist, here are some of our most valuable ideas to make exercise less like a chore and more of an entertainment.

1. Invite friends to workouts

Friends can make any situation better, even workouts.

It ain’t easy to exercise solo and remain motivated. If you struggle with bouts of doing too much workout and too little workout, then you need a partner to work with. It’s a perfect idea to invite a friend to your exercise sessions because you feel more encouraged and stimulated. Also, you can have a good laugh in the process. 

A study done on Oxford University rowers showed that when team members did a physical activity together, their brains released much more endorphins than when they exercised individually.

2. Play some music

Music can give life to anything.

Try exercising with music; either have it playing in the background or dance to the sound. It’s a lot better than exercising in silence. Load your playlist with upbeat and fast-paced songs that fill you with energy and light up your mood. You can create your ideal playlist filled with your favourite songs. 

According to Greg Justice, an exercise physiologist and author of “Mind Over Fatter”, music might be the most convenient way to give your workout an instant boost of fun. For example, McMaster University did a study in 2015 in which individuals were asked to perform sprint-interval exercise both with and without music. 95 per cent of them claimed to have more fun during the musical workout. Another research also shows that fast-paced and upbeat music (140-160 beats per minute) boosts energy, mood and exercise. You can find songs within that beat range by searching “160 bpm music”. Or if jogging or running is a part of your workout routine, then go for  “180bpm”.

3. Sign up for a class

It’s always good to take a break from your usual gym workout and try something different. Join a physical class in your neighbourhood with a different workout approach, such as aerobics, yoga, dancing, Zumba, kickboxing, or martial arts. Not only will you learn something new and handy, but you’ll be able to meet new people along the way. 

4. Attend local events

You need to have a clear objective to achieve your target. Effort without purpose doesn’t go far. For this, get online and search for some community events nearby. They can be charity runs, local exhibitions, sponsored walks, volunteering, or something more adventurous. This will not only keep you physically active but will also help to improve your cognitive and social skills. You can also meet new people whom you can train and have fun with.

5. Go outside

It’s refreshing to go outside every now and then. It’s essential too, not just for exercise but also because you need vitamin D from sunlight for healthy bones and skin. Go for a brisk walk or a run, try hiking and camping in the woods, enjoy a long bicycle ride, hunt seashells at the beach or practice swimming at a swimming pool.

6. Recall your childhood

Remember when you skipped rope or spun a hula hoop for hours in your childhood?

Who says you can’t enjoy them as an adult? Relive your childhood while testing your physical strength at the same time. See how long you can skip without breaks or whether your hula hoop skills are better than before.

7. Workout without knowing

Do you know that doing routine tasks for an hour, like shopping and cleaning, can help you burn 175 to 191 calories? However, it doesn’t mean that you can skip the gym or workout class and head to the mall. It simply means that there are many other options that you can add to your workout plan, like gardening, renovating and decorating your living space, or giving your house a deep cleaning.

8. Reward yourself for hard work

Here’s a really practical idea!

Give yourself a little reward whenever you exercise. Reserve a jar and put Rs.10, Rs.50 or Rs.100 (whatever suits you) for each workout session. By the end of each month, you can either use this money to treat yourself to a nice meal, go shopping or just add this to your savings.

This mindset needs practice, but it’s all worth it in the end.

9. Download useful fitness apps

There are countless health and fitness apps available that you can download for free on your smartphone to help you stay on track. You can keep track of your calories, plan your diet, schedule and monitor your workouts and measure your water intake. These apps also have loads of useful hacks, tips and guidelines to help you make a very productive fitness plan.

10. Treat yourself to a fitness break

Why not think outside the box and transform your exercise plan into a fitness holiday? Search for the best surfing and diving spots, cool hiking and camping locations, areas with beautiful walking paths, and hotels with luxury workout space and gym. This will keep you driven and allow you to explore new places.

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