If you’re in the market for something like the Little Rock Houses for Sale or you’re looking for a new apartment and you have a cat, get ready. There are probably plenty of things you don’t know about having a cat in your new apartment.

These are the five things you must know about welcoming a cat into your new living area.

1. Hair, everywhere.

Depending on the breed, your cat will shed a lot and you’ll find hair everywhere. Even in seemingly impossible places.

Unless you’re an expert, it is important to look up if your cat’s breed sheds so you can prepare for the hair ahead of time. To reduce the shedding, consider getting special shampoo or a nice shedding brush for them!

2. You’re on THEIR Schedule

This one sounds crazy, but in most situations it’s true. They’ll wake you up in the morning when they’re bored, and they’ll certainly let you know when they’re hungry morning and night.

You can train them to be more respectful of your schedule, but still remember that they will often think they’re in charge and not you. After all, you’re the one feeding, cleaning, and taking care of them.

They think they’re something special if someone is doing all of that for them!

3. Warn Guests

Warn is a strong word for this, but you’ll need to tell people coming over about your pet. If you have your animal posted on social media, odds are the person entering your home already knows about them, but it is courteous to let them know anyway.

This is so your guest can be prepared if your cat is somewhat testy or shy at first. Also consider buying some benadryl or other allergy medication in case any of your guests are allergic to cats and don’t know it!

4. Check Rules

Your new apartment will have rules on many topics such as noise, rent payments, and even pets. Make sure your landlord allows pets and is ok with you bringing a new one in.

In some cases, even if pets aren’t allowed initially, you may be able to speak with the landlord to try and convince them that you’ll be responsible with your cat and they might just let you keep it!

5. A Friend For Life

Sure, you may have to clean up their hair and attend to their every beck and call to make sure your landlord doesn’t make you put him or her up for adoption, but they’re worth the trouble aren’t they?

The moments when you’re watching TV or reading a book at night and your little furry friend comes up to purr and rub their head on you before curling up next to you to fall asleep makes it all worth it.

Most people assume dogs are the most loyal or most loving animals, but cats can be very loyal and loving too! 

Now you know 5 important things about bringing a cat with you to your new apartment! Always remember to treat your feline friend with respect and they’ll do the same back to you!

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