Things have been terrible, as of late. There have been numerous occurrences of ladies venturing up and naming and disgracing the individuals who sexually hassle them. Simply the shocking reality that there are ladies, all around the globe, from all fields and strolls of life that are confronting badgering, both on the web and physical because of predators.

Meesha Shafi has come up with a tweet where she has stated that she has been a victim of sexual harassment by none other than the famous singer, Ali Zafar.

Be that as it may, Meesha Shafi opening up about her experience has incited more ladies to approach with their own particular involvement with Ali Zafar.

In a current tweet, Meesha has laid everything down, to answer a large portion of our inquiries. She wrote in total insight into what happened. She additionally talked up about how troublesome it is for ladies to end their quiet finished instances of badgering. She chose to talk up to set a point of reference for ladies the whole way across to utilize their voices as well. She really expounded on how it hadn’t just happened once, hadn’t happened when she was attempting to get into the business.

Also, that if a lady like Meesha who is a diplomat of female quality and strengthening, can have this happen to her, no one is sheltered, at that point, would they say they are? This is a creating story and we will refresh this piece as more data surfaces. We have connected with both Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar for input on this.

Ali Zafar went on record and took to his Instagram to react to the assertions set forth by Meesha. Ali has said that he will take to the best possible channels of the law to counter Meesha’s announcement. He likewise completely denied every one of the cases that Meesha made and said that it was an instance of taking out individual grudges, criticism, maligning and general unkindness.

He said that he has and will dependably support himself and his family and he won’t down from doing that. Besides, he said that he unequivocally bolsters the #MeToo development that has taken the whole world and the world’s media outlets by storm, as of late.

We’re holding up to perceive how this story unfurls and now, the truth will surface eventually of the result of the two sides. Be that as it may, in any event we have the two sides of the story now.


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