Guys! Have you ever seen clips where two people are fighting like cats and dogs thinking that the camera might not be recording them? Well, I am sure you must have and that too tons of them!

We have all watched those spilled recordings where VIPs have been found getting into mischief off camera. How can we every forget Ayesha Sana and her viral video “Bright Karein Issay”. All things considered, in a world full marvelousness and glitz, such things are really normal and once these recordings are out nobody can stop them.

Just as of late, another spilled video from City 42, a news channel assumed control over our web-based social networking nourishes. In the video, a male and a female grapple were seen battling like anything. Numerous have even guaranteed to state that the person got a little diverted and shouldn’t have said what he said in the video. Though, they were a modest bunch of individuals who said that the person was completely right.

The girl was trying to make the other news anchor calm but the fight was exceeding and there was no going back. You can watch the video below:

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