As we all are aware that Imran Khan has married for the third time and some people are not very happy about it. One of those people is Reham Khan(Imran Khan’s ex wife), yes guys you hear that right. Reham Khan blamed Imran Khan a couple of days back on how he was dating Bushra when Imran was as yet hitched to Reham. As per the second spouse, Reham Khan, the pioneer of the political party, PTI knew Bushra for most recent 3 years and notwithstanding amid the brief marriage of Reham Khan and Imran.

Reham answered to a tweet who solicited her the believability from words when she denounced Imran Khan to have been in contact with Bushra. She said that it’s not only her who’s platitude this but rather the Pir and Mureed. Not only that, but rather Reham likewise asserted in the meeting that the Nikkah occurred two months back.

Reham said in an interview that:

“Imran Khan was in contact with Bushra three years ago when I was his wife and he is not the truthful man.”

Be that as it may, as of late, Reham tossed another bomb on Twitter and individuals can’t swallow it down. She posted an arrangement of two photographs in which one was Bushra Maneka and other was some arbitrary photograph of a young lady in hijab.

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