See the world, make new friends and create great unforgettable memories.

Travelling takes us most times from the familiar to the unfamiliar. It gives us the opportunity to experience life in a way that is different from what we know. Be in travelling within our countries to states we have never been to before or going abroad to countries and cultures we have never seen, travelling is an experience everyone has to try out. Imagine you live in a cold country or cold state? Travelling gives you the way to enjoy a warmer climate or weather. It exposes to you new languages and cultures, food and drink, climate and weather, terrain and life. It is a way of expanding your horizon to see the rest of the world and how they live their lives. Travelling is fun when done in a group but if you are travelling alone but want to meet up with other people, how do you do it? Let’s find out.

Take advantage of Social media and Apps

The advent of social media has kind of made life easier for everyone so, use it. Get on any of the social media sites you belong to and let users know you are in their city or country. Also change your locations in the settings of your social media pages so people around your present location can link up with you. Another great way to meet people would be Zoosk, this app let’s you meet new people near or far from where you are. Try it.

Work as a volunteer

This is a good way of meeting people who are travelling alone. Volunteering not only helps you meet new people but gives you the opportunity to fight for and be part of a cause you firmly believe in. There are numerous volunteer opportunities out there in various fields and various locations, all you need to do is find the right one for you.

Take a course either home or abroad

Knowledge they say is endless. No matter your area of interest, there are always new findings, discoveries been made daily or it could even be in a new area of interest you want to explore. A great way of starting or continuing is to take a course in this area, it would also afford you the opportunity to meet someone new or people who are alone on that trip.


This is without a doubt one of the best ways of getting to meet people while travelling. Instead of lodging in a hotel or B&B, a hostel gives you the choice of rooming without a number of other people who would most likely be from different places and might be on a trip all by themselves. Strike up a conversation with your bunk mate, offer to buy drinks if you can or food and that might just be the start of a new friendship.

Hotel Bars

Yup, leave your room and go to the bar. Order a drink, sit there and soak in the atmosphere of the place. Not everyone has friends they could stay with when they travel to a place, so hotels help you with accommodations. Most people use them, so it is a great way to meet someone new or also travelling by themselves. Make sure you choose a nice one with a nice view and great reviews so you can meet some great folks.

Hook up with friends in the destination you are in

Have friends already in the city or country you are visiting? This makes your trip easier. They can show you the best spots to hang out, the best bars for drinks, shops for clothes or mementos, all together making your trip a memorable one. They could also introduce you to other people they know helping you meet or make some new friends.

Sign up for a tour

When in a new place, it is best to get to see all the places the location is famous for. E.g. the Taj Mahal in India. The best way to do this is through a tour. It is organized by tour companies and through tour guides who take tourists round a city or town and show them all the great places that have interesting histories. Start up a conversation with other people in your tour group, make some drink plans with them if you can for a more interesting trip.

Pub Crawl

For the beer lovers and drinkers, this is a great way to get to meet people while travelling. It is most times organized by tour guides or the hostels in which you would be staying. Great way to have fun, meet new people, sample the best the locale has to offer in term of beer but if beer isn’t your thing, then sign up for a wine tasting event.

Make friends

Sounds easy right and it is. While waiting for your connecting flight or while seated in the plane or the airport lounge, start a conversation with the person beside you, you just might be heading in the same direction or they could link you up with some great people they know in the destination you are heading to. So, don’t be by yourself, talk to someone.

Sign up for an event

In a new place and hear of an upcoming event you would be interested in? well, what are you waiting for? Sign up. Don’t only signup, make sure you attend, and this could help you meet other people and also get to know the locale. Interact, ask questions, smile so you get to attract other newbies to the locale to you.

There you have it. Going to a new place shouldn’t worry you about been lonely and not get to have any fun. Follow some of the tips written above and I am sure you will have the time of your life with some great unforgettable, remarkable memories that will surely last you a lifetime.

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