Have you ever come across ladies out there, who have the highest potential of doing great things, but they don’t have the guts to do them? The main reason for this is lack of courage and low self-esteem. They tend to think less of themselves and think that there is nothing good that they can do. One of the causes of low self-esteem is being around negative people. In this case, such people will only want to make you feel useless and be mean to you for no reason. But the good news is that you can overcome it all.

So, how can you better your self-esteem as a lady?

1. Quit The Comparison Game

This is one of the major things that make most ladies have low self-esteem. If you look at that ‘cool’ friend of yours, you just think that she’s got it all. She has a nice boyfriend, works as an executive of a renowned company, and drives one of the best cars you’ve ever seen in your life.

Whenever you are with her, you feel belittled and that you don’t match her class. Everyone is different and go through thick and thin. Nobody is perfect. Even that friend of yours that you think has it all passes through tough times. Maybe she knows how to fight the challenges, and she has refused to be a captive of negativity.

You are the best version of yourself, and no one is like you. Never compare yourself to anybody else out there. There is one verse in the Bible that says “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Borrow that phrase and let it be your all-time motivator whenever you think other people are better than you.

2. Take Negative Situations Positively

A slip up is not a mess up. Just because you made a small error in your life doesn’t mean that you should give up in it. Another thing that affects people’s self-esteem is that they are seriously affected by the failures in their life.

You must learn to take those failures positively and take them as opportunities to learn something new. If you tried something and it failed, take time to reflect on it and review where you went wrong. Once you know where the issue was, work on that area and retake the challenge. This way, you will have a better chance of succeeding at it.

All in all, have a positive attitude in whichever situation you go through and regardless of the outcome.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Setting goals in your life can help you to be committed to achieving them. But as you set the goals, try to be reasonable and set achievable goals. Avoid setting goals that would take you years and even many months to achieve. Ideally, start with daily and weekly so that you can track your progress with ease.

Every time you achieve the short-term goals, you will feel happy about yourself, and you will have the morale to move on to the next one. Whenever you feel upset and discouraged, take a look at the goals that you achieved. This will give you some inspiration and motivation to overcome that disappointment.

4. Fall In Love [With The Right Person]

Falling in love has been proven to make someone happy and even boost their health. Remember we said that the negative people around you could make you have low self-esteem? For that matter, you should consider falling in love with the right person.

If the guy you are in love with appreciates you and tells you all the good things, you will naturally have high-self esteem. The guy can tell you that you are beautiful, attractive, fun to have around, and all those kind of nice things that would make you feel happy.

When you have high self-esteem, your love life will also be improved, which means that you and your partner will be happy. If low self-esteem has affected your sexual activeness, you can use some female enhancement pills to spice things up in the bedroom. In turn, the lovemaking will make you feel good about yourself hence dealing with the low self-esteem.

5. Forgive and Forget

Forgiveness is a very calming medicine that most people don’t like to use. Someone might have wronged you in any way, but holding them in your heart doesn’t make things any better. It could be your ex, friend, workmate, neighbor, or your family member that wronged you. Above all, it could be that you are angry at yourself.

Did you know that the best way to solve this situation is to forgive that person (or yourself) and release them from your heart? You don’t have to hold on to the feeling of resentment, malice, or bitterness. Doing so will mess up with your wellbeing and even self-esteem. But whenever you forgive those people that wronged you, you will be sure of feeling good about yourself and even boosting your self-esteem.

6. Read, Watch, Listen to Motivational Stuff

Sometimes, maybe all one needs is a one-minute motivational talk or read something that will jack up their self-esteem. The best way to do this is by following the motivational content. Whether you are watching a movie that will inspire you or listen to a motivational speaker, you can be sure of improving your self-esteem. The motivational talk that you hear will help you have a different perception of yourself and take like with a positive mindset.

7. Dress well

How you dress can also affect your confidence and self-esteem. It is not about dressing to kill or finding the clothes that will make you look ‘perfect.’ Rather, you should find clothes that make you feel good about yourself. As long as you feel like you look good, that is all that matters. But ensure that you also feel comfortable in those clothes.

Above all, never try to do something to please a friend, partner, family member, or anything else. Don’t live life to wait for other people’s opinion, but live it like you know you only live once. Be happy at all times and only surround yourself with positive-minded people. As you do so, avoid these habits that can affect your self-esteem and courage.

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