Balochi dress for lady is one of the delightful social sides of Balochistan. The balochi dress is appealing, in form, great and extremely rich that a lady from any piece of world can’t deny wearing it. Balochi dress is called “phashik” in balochi dialect. The attire of the general population of Baluchistan, Pakistan comprises of different styles of kameez and shalwar, turban, shoes and head scarfs.

In making of balochi dress glass, various hued strings and a texture is utilized. This texture can be anything of your decision however typically cotton, silk and Jorchad is utilized. Discussing engaging hues in Balochi dress, let us disclose to you that red, green, dark, yellow and blue are the most usually utilized hues in making of Balochi dress, yet as because of prerequisites of plan, the Balochi dress can be comprised of incalculable hues. Their blend will take one’s heart away.

It has overwhelming weaved sleeves and outskirts. It has pockets which are fit as a fiddle. This triangle molded pocket is sewed with Daman and heaps of excellent weaving is done on it as well. Balochi dress is one of a kind since the weaving take a shot at it drives you to one of a kind taste of craftsmanship in Baloch. The examples, the outlines of Balochi dress are one of a kind and eye getting that you can’t find that sort of weaving work in other social dresses.

So, in case you are looking out for balochi dresses then I have hand-picked 20 of the most beautiful dresses that you can take inspiration from.

Black Balochi Dress

Here comes a stunning balochi dress that will give you the true Baloch feels. This is a black dress which has beautiful embroidery on top of it. There is a lot of beautiful work on top of the shirt as well as the shalwar which looks eye-catching.

Bridal Balochi Dress

White Balochi Dress

Balochi Embroidery

Balochi Bridal

Gorgeous Balochi Dress

Balochi Frock

Multicolored Dress

Stunning Balochi Colorful Dress

Purple Beauty

Elegance in Black

Balochi Dress for Brides

Simple and Elegant

A Dash of Orange

Pink and Green Dress

Glamorous Balochi Dress

Beauty in Green

Traditional Balochi Dress

Sheer Elegance

Simple Yet Classy Balochi Dress

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