There is no uncertainty about the way that shalwar suits have been the main apparel line that gives the total conventional and rich look in the ladies identity. Shalwar Kameez dresses are those sorts of outfits that can be worn at the general and ordinary days. They are the dresses that are for the most part worn by the ladies of all age groups whether young or old. This is the primary reason that with each single year there are such huge numbers of changes that is coming ahead in this national dress. In the event that you think about the past pattern of this conventional dress style with the most recent patterns you will discover gigantic distinction without a doubt.

Summer is coming and now the request of shalwar kameez has been expanded in young ladies and young men. The Shalwar kameez is one of most prominent dress in Pakistan, men and ladies are for the most part using shalwar kameez of various hues in light of the fact that in summer for the most part individuals get a kick out of the chance to wear simple fabric.

Summer outfits have the bright gathering and excellent dresses for young ladies or we know you are eager to bring this accumulation at home. For summer, for the most part young ladies wear formal dressing which is anything but difficult to wear and furthermore appropriate for summer.
Pakistani designers are constantly prepared to dispatch the new assortment of dresses as indicated by a season. You can check out 35 of the beautiful shalwar kameez designs below and get inspiration to make yours!

Funky Arms

Here comes  a beautiful design for a shalwar kameez where a lot of designing has been done on the kameez which makes it look super trendy. There is some funky designing on the arms part which makes it look beautiful. You can design a  shirt like that too and wear it anytime.

A Trendy Shirt

Why should we wear boring shalwar kameez when there are tons of styling options available? Well, here is one such design where you can see a beautiful shirt and pants of mild color. The kameez has a super amazing design which also has a belt on waist.

Chic Yellow

How gorgeous does this yellow kameez shalwar design look? Well, this trouser pants looks super beautiful but you can also make it as a shalwar and wear it with this kameez and it will still look pretty.The color and the print of this dress is very eye-catching.

Regal Design

How gorgeous is this print which has a beautiful design that looks quite appealing. The design of this shirt looks quite beautiful and looks like a lot of hardwork has been done to it. Moreover, the dupatta looks gorgeous too and you can get a  plain shalwar with this.

Beach Vibes

Lets talk about this beautiful colored suit that definitely gives some cool vibes. The kameez doesn’t above a lot of work and styling and looks quite simple however the trouser looks trendy. You can also get a shalwar with this shirt and it will look equally beautiful.

Floral Kameez

Here is a stunning shalwar kameez suit which is going to be your favorite in the summer season. This suit has a colorful floral kameez with the plain white shalwar and colorful dupatta which looks absolutely stunning. This dress goes perfectly with the summer vibes.

Casual Suit

This is an extremely casual suit with no embroidery or no floral heavy work. you can rock this simple look anywhere and look extremely comfortable and stylish. Th shirt is extremely simple with a white shalwar which has been matched with a white dupatta.

White and Pink

Now here comes a dress which is perfect for the formal events. This white and pink suit look extremely beautiful where you can see that the most of the part is white whereas the dupatta is printed which includes both the colors of the dress and looks gorgeous.

Green Kameez

This is a yet another beautiful suit with simple embroidery that is perfect for casual outings. It has green and burnt orange colors inside it which can be seen at various parts. This dress gives a very traditional vibe making everything look stunning.


A Touch of Elegance

Now here comes something trendy and out of the box. There are different ways to wear a shalwar kameez and you can pair it up however you want. This is a stunning dress where you can see a short frock with a tulip shalwar looking extremely beautiful.

White Kameez Shalwar

White is  a symbol of elegance which never goes out of style and can be worn at any place without thinking much. Here is a simple yet chic shalwar kameez and a white frock which look gorgeous, you can style them up however you want.

A Blue Affair

Here is a gorgeous blue lawn suit that you can totally rock on any event or any occasion. Wear flat shoes with it for the casual event or wear heels for the formal events and this will still look beautiful. This dress has a printed kameez whereas a simple blue shalwar.

Mahira Khan Style

This style is never going out of style and Mahira Khan is totally rocking it. A full white kameez with a white patiala shalwar and simple dupatta looks divine. This is the perfect look for a super traditional with a touch of class feel.

White with A Colorful Dupatta

Here comes one more white shalwar kameez but this time it has been paired with a multi colored dupatta which looks absolutely stunning. The short kameez and the patiala shalwar give this dress a beautiful look and it can be worn for any kind of event.

Kameez with a Gharara

Ghararas are totally in this season and everybody seems to be super obsessed with them. If you are one of those people who have still not tried it then here is  a picture which you can take inspiration from and get it made exactly the same way. It look absolutely stunning.

Kameez with Tulip Shalwar

Another form of shalwar that has made everyone crazy is the tulip shalwar. You will see almost every girl wearing this type of shalwar and everybody seems to own at least one pair. It look really beautiful when paired with a knee length kameez.

A Chic Design

Now, here is something which is going to make you look all glamorous and trendy just with a lawn suit. This stunning lawn suit has lovely embroidery on the kameez where you can see it has been designed in a very beautiful way. Moreover, the gharara makes the whole design complete.

Suit with Embroidery

Here is  a kameez shalwar for you with a lot of beautiful embroidery that will be perfect for the formal events. You can wear this suit on the wedding and look absolutely stunning. The kameez has a lot of work and also the shalwar has  a lot of work which makes the dress heavy.

Bridal Kameez

How can we leave behind the suits for brides? Well yes here is a perfect embroidered shalwar kameez suit for the brides. It is heavily worked with various threads and stones and you can see a lot of work on the kameez, gharara as well as the dupatta. The color makes it look more beautiful.

A Beautiful Suit

Here is a lawn suit with a silk dupatta which can be worn casually as well as for the semi-formal events if carried really well. This suit has some work on the kameez whereas the trouser is printed and simple. The dupatta is of silk so the whole dress gives a very beautiful look.

Blingy Inspiration

Here is another gorgeous design for the formal events or it can also be worn on the weddings. This suit has a lot of work on both the kameez and the trouser. The kameez is shorter in length whereas the trouser is more of  a palazzo which looks lovely.

Traditional Looks

This white shalwar kameez is quite simple yet it has colorful embroidery which gives a very traditional look. You can see just the border have work on it which looks very clean yet very classy. You can design this dress and make it however you want.

Gorgeous Lawn Suit

This is yet another lawn suit which would look perfect in summers. It has beautiful colors and there’s no embroider on the suit and no heavy work but still it looks glamours. It has a silk dupatta and you can style it however you want.

Summer Vibes

Here comes a beautifully printed kameez with a  very simple white shalwar which has been designed in a way that it looks quite trendy. The dupatta and the kameez have the same color. This dress gives the perfect summer vibes and looks very chic.

Beautiful Off White Design

Now, here is something which might look like a very simple suit but how glamorous does it look? Anybody can fall in love with this design as you can see a simple tulip shalwar and a short frock shirt which looks lovely. You can also make a long kameez with it and it will still make you stand out.

Ethereal White Suit

Who can say no to a plain white kameez shalwar suit for summers? So, here is an outfit for all those white dress lovers who definitely know how to carry an all white outfit. Wear this on the hot summer days paired with khussa and you will loo beautiful.

Black and Red Dress

Who said you can not wear black in summers? Here is an outfit that you can totally rock in the summers and make yourself feel at ease. The dress has a very beautiful color combination followed by stunning embroidery.

Beautiful Yellow Suit

Yellow is a color of summers and everybody loves it. This summers is all about light striking colors so have a loo at this gorgeous outfit where you can see the beautiful embroidery and the colorful combination.

Stunning Colors

Now here comes a dress for all your day time casual gatherings which looks super summery. The beautiful colorful shirts look really classy with a colorful duppatta and simple pants.

Gorgeous Formal Dress

This stunning and super stylish white outfit is perfect for the summers events and even weddings. The beautiful work and the color combination of this outfit make it loo stunning and anybody would feel comfortable in this one.

Stylish Blue Dress

Here comes a super stylish blue dress with stunning embroidery that will make you fall in love with it instantly. The color combinations is no less and you can choose this outfit for you formal events too by pairing it with good heels.

Tangerine Outfit

How stunning is this tangerine outfit? With a super elegant work on the shirt and a really good design on the trouser this outfit can make heads turn. The colors are super summery which will make you fall in love with it.

Black and White Outfit

Noe here is a little something which you can wear casually or even wear them to the formal events. You can totally rock this outfit on formal events by pairing it up with some nice jewelry and a good pair of heels.

Mustard Summery Outfit

This has to be my favorite dress combination this summers. The beautiful mustard shirt paired with white tulip shalwar makes it loo very elegant. This is definitely a summery color so you can get your hands on outfits like these.

Classy Blue Dress


This is a beautiful and a very classy blue dress which every girl can rock this summers. Apart from being fairy, the dress has beautiful color combination which makes it look even more happening. This is the perfect color to go for in summers.

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