Mubashir Luqman is a standout amongst the most well known and experienced news and anchor host of Pakistani media industry. He is one of only a handful couple of writers of Pakistani media industry who are broadly known for their investigative stories. Mubashir Luqman has substantiated himself as an effective and devoted columnist of Pakistan amid his vocation and winds up noticeably focus of fascination amid his arrangement of a few embarrassments of Pakistan.

He is a prime time host of Pakistani media industry and is known for his standard position on a few issues of Pakistan. He had likewise gotten numerous dangers amid his profession however he never surrender and proceeded with his excursion on a similar track.

Mubashir Lucman originates from a family who have served in the PAK armed force and his family have a place with Chakwal. Mubashir began his profession as a movie maker/executive with the film Pehla Pyar in 2006. Mubashir at that point turned into a commentator at first showing up on Business Plus and afterward on Dunya News in 2009 where he facilitated a present issues program Khari Baat Lucman Ke Saath. Notwithstanding he surrendered in June 2012 after Malik Riaz Controversy.

He at that point joined ARY News facilitating Khara Sach, through which he uncovered debasement and lies of different lawmakers. Khara Sach was restricted by PEMRA because of Mubashir’s blunt words, however at last Mubashir won the case.

With respect to ARY not airing the video of MQM pioneer Altaf Hussain which had shrouded realities, Mubashir additionally surrendered from that point. Mubasher at that point joined BOL TV the recently propelled TV channel with his program Meri Jang for a brief timeframe from where the channel was closed down because of PEMRA serving the notice to the news channel. Sooner or later Mubashir at that point joined Channel 24 With Khara Sach and now he has joined Samaa Television.

He is extremely frank against government strategies and he supports PTI, a political gathering drove by previous skipper of the Pakistan cricket group, Imran Khan.

Early Life and Education

Mubashir Lucman was born on eleventh January, 1962 in Lahore, Pakistan. He got early training from the place where he grew up and the got affirmation in famous instructive organization Aitchison College Lahore. In the wake of finishing his Intermediate instruction from the school, Mubashir Lucman proceeded with his investigations and took confirmation in Government College Lahore.

Amid his understudy life, Mubashir Lucman had substantiated himself as a devoted and capable understudy. His aptitudes and ability had enlivened a considerable lot of his instructors all through his examinations.

Early Career

In spite of his prevalence in the news coverage field, Mubashir Lucman had begun his vocation from a promoting organization as a Copy Writer. He had worked in the promoting business of Pakistan for quite a long while and demonstrated his aptitudes through his content for the ad of best nearby and multinational brands of Pakistan including Coca Cola, Nestle and numerous others too. After this, Mubashir Lucman had setup his very own generation organization which created programming and substance for TV stations of Pakistan.

He likewise entered in the movie business of Pakistan through his movie Pehla Pyar in 2006, as an executive and maker. In any case, the film didn’t ready to pull in the watchers and tumbled.

After this disappointment, Mubashir Lucman quit the film business and after that worked in the corporate area. Amid his corporate profession, Mubashir Lucman had taken a shot at key places of a few organizations like WorldCall Group, ARY Digital, NTM (First Private Television Network of Pakistan), PAKTEL and others also.

Mubashir Lucman Children

Mubasher Lucman is father of two kids Fajar Lucman and Mustafa Lucman.

News Coverage Career

Mubashir Luqcman had begun his news coverage profession from Business Plus channel as a host. Amid his first experience on the TV screen, Mubashir Lucman had secured numerous financial and political issues of Pakistan. Because of his splendid position on a few vital issues of the nation, he joined prominent and one of the greatest media gathering of Pakistan Express News as a host and began his new program there. Later on he joined Dunya News as a program have and begun facilitating his program there.

In 2012, Mubashir Lucman had led a meeting with property big shot of Pakistan, Malik Riaz with his co-host Meher Bukhari. Some disputable clasps of that program spilled via web-based networking media and Youtube, in which it appears that the meeting was planted. After such a great amount of feedback via web-based networking media and political circle, Dunya News had let go him to keep away from any further contention. He at that point joined ARY News in 2012 and began facilitating program Khara Sach.

Amid his just about 8 years travel with ARY News, Mubashir Lucman had secured numerous defilement and inconsistency stories in various enterprises and services of Pakistan. He had likewise secured an account of disrespect endeavor and assault on ISI by the greatest media gathering of Pakistan, Jang/Geo news in 2014. A few scenes of the embarrassment were communicated from ARY News on that issue. Later on, Mubashir Lucman had additionally severely condemned legal for a few issues and confronted cases in the courts. He had additionally confronted feedback from a prevalent political gathering of Urban Sindh in the wake of uncovering their military wings and his program got restricted in a few urban communities.

In 2014, when PEMRA forced restriction on the program Khara Sach for airing purportedly ridiculous stories irritating for organizations, he surrendered from ARY News and joined Bol News in 2015.

He had facilitated a few scenes of his program “Meri Jang”, on Bol News amid its test transmission however in late 2015, he surrendered from the channel as a dissent for non-installment of compensations to his entire group. He at that point joined Channel 24 as a host.

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