There are incalculable recordings on the Internet that show you how to do the cut crease eye make-up look. As the name recommends, this procedure characterizes the crease by cutting it with a differentiating eye shadow shading. For somebody who has an overwhelming fold, this system helps lift the eyes and open them up. Along these lines, here’s the manner by which you can reproduce the cut crease eye best make-up look. Today I am imparting to you my tips and deceives to accomplish an ideal cut-crease. Here we will tell you how to get a good and average cut crease and I truly needed to impart to you my strategies that I procured in the wake of viewing unending of cosmetics recordings and subsequent to making innumerable of cut crease eye cosmetics looks.

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s a cut-crease cosmetics look, it is fundamentally when you cut your crease utilizing a concealer. Have you at any point gone through hours before the mirror attempting to reproduce their lovely, doe-peered toward appearance? In case you’re in any way similar to us, the response to these inquiries is yes. First made well known during the ’60s, cut crease eye cosmetics is the one thing that ties these ladies together. With the ability to make profundity and add definition to your eyes, this magnificence stunt is one to add to your staple of aptitudes. Fortunately, whether you live and breathe cosmetics or are as yet figuring out how to utilize mascara without jabbing out an eye, with a couple of basic hints, you can make this look. Here’s the manner by which to ace the ideal cut crease.

Good Tools

All together, to accomplish a good cut crease you have to get yourself a good brush and a good concealer [full inclusion if possible] cause that is the means by which you are going to get an exact work. Ensure your brush is as level and thick as would be prudent. I typically prefer to utilize the concealer I use to cover my dark circles, until today, I just utilize my Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer, however I as of late obtained Too Faced’s Born This Way concealer [the new one not old one]. Both are full-inclusion and are stunning to make a cut-crease.

Go Step by Step

I generally don’t have any significant bearing to much concealer from the start; I initially apply a bit, cut my crease the manner in which I need utilizing tapping movement [and that is somewhat similar to a third tip] then I apply considerably more concealer just to ensure the cut crease is clear and exact.

Try not to Set your Concealer

The reason you do a cut crease is for your eyeshadow to fly out [most most likely, or in light of the fact that it looks pleasant and original] and for that, you need a clingy base subsequently I wouldn’t prescribe you to set your concealer in the event that you need to apply eyeshadow on top. What’s more, as a source of perspective, I never observe any excellence youtubers setting their concealer when doing a cut crease.

Prepare the Lid

Start by applying unbiased tone eyeshadow in the crease. Utilizing windscreen wiper movements, blend the shading upwards to make a progress. Presently take a shade that is somewhat darker and blend into the crease too. At long last, utilize the darkest shade in a similar shading family and blend it into the crease. The thought is to make a slope so pick hues that will enable you to accomplish that. In the event that you don’t confide in your application, apply some specialist tape on the sides of your eyes where you need your eyeshadow to end and the wing to start. This will fill in as a rule, so you can apply shadow without the dread of a wreck.

Cut The Crease

Take the darkest eyeshadow you simply utilized on a thick brush and line your crease. Next, flip the brush and utilize the spotless side to somewhat blend the shading into the crease. Take some concealer on a slender brush and cut out your crease while likewise pressing concealer on your lid. Make certain to drag your concealer out to make a wing shape. Since your crease is cut, take some eyeshadow in a yellow hint and set the concealer.

Natural Cut Crease

In case you’re searching for a basic, dazzling approach to characterize your eyes, yet need that effortless, “I woke up this way” appearance, a natural cut crease is for you. This style will make your eyes stand apart by making definition and featuring your highlights. With a little practice, the steps to accomplish this look are basic.


  • Apply primer to the eye region.
  • Utilize a warm unbiased shadow to characterize your crease.
  • Apply concealer or foundation to cut the crease.
  • Set the concealer with an unbiased powder before applying bare eyeshadow to your lids.
  • Line the upper eyelid with dark colored eyeliner and include a layer of mascara.
  • Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes

In the event that you have naturally hooded eyes, then a cut crease is the ideal cosmetics pattern to attempt. Not exclusively will this look cause your eyes to seem bigger than typical, however it’ll likewise make a canvas for you to explore different avenues regarding eyeshadow while including definition and profundity.

Hooded Eyes Cut Crease


  • Prep with Primer
  • Locate the inside point between your upper lash line and temples. Breadth eyeshadow over this point, following the natural bend of your eyes. Blend upwards and outwards.
  • Apply concealer or foundation to cut the crease. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply an alternate eyeshadow to your eyelids, for example, one out of a coordinating shading however a lighter shade.
  • Lengthen your eyes with dark fluid eyeliner by making a winged look.

Double Cut Crease

For a look straight off the runway, we prescribe the double cut crease. While this look is generally not for tenderfoots, with a couple of basic steps and a little practice, you’ll have it aced in a matter of seconds. In spite of the fact that it is known as the ‘double’ cut crease, this style requires three particular segments. This incorporates the eyelids, the cut crease territory, and the skin over this space. Rather than the eyeshadow over the cut crease and the shadow on the lids meeting at the crease line, there is a hole made in the middle of the two. The outcome, therefore, is an unbelievably chic and charming look.


  • Apply primer. Utilize a little calculated brush to apply eyeshadow somewhat over your standard cut crease line. Blend.
  • Cut the crease with foundation or concealer. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply your picked shade to your eyelids, leaving a little hole among it and your other shadow.
  • Utilize a little brush and concealer to reclassify the crease. Apply shining powder on top. Clean eyeshadow if necessary.
  • Apply fluid eyeliner, making a wing that pursues the line of the cut crease.

Half Cut Crease

Aced the easy cut crease and prepared to take your cosmetics aptitudes to the following level? A half cut crease is the magnificence weapon to add to your mounted guns. On the off chance that you need to explore different avenues regarding intense hues or sparkling metallics, the half cut crease is the system to attempt. Rather than keeping the hues above and underneath the cut crease isolated and characterized, this style blends the eyeshadow above down onto the lid, beginning at the outer corners and stretching out towards the center.


  • Take action territory and utilize a little brush to apply eyeshadow over the natural crease line of your eyes.
  • Cut the crease with concealer or foundation. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply your picked eyeshadow. We propose a shading that is a lighter shade of the eyeshadow over your crease.
  • Take the principal eyeshadow shading (utilized over the crease) and apply to the outer corners of your lid. Blend.
  • Apply winged fluid eyeliner to accentuate the look.

Easy Cut Crease

While a cut crease can be the ideal cosmetics pattern to explore different avenues regarding hues and shimmer, it can likewise be conditioned back for an unpretentious, wonderful look. In the event that you need an easy method to feature your eyes, go for a natural cut crease. Then, include some additional allure with winged eyeliner.


  • Make preparations from the lids to the forehead bones and apply a warm, impartial eyeshadow over the crease line.
  • Cut the crease with foundation or concealer and utilize a translucent powder to set.
  • Apply a natural eyeshadow shading that supplements your skin tone to the lids.
  • Utilize a dark fluid liner to make a sultry winged eye.
  • Twist your lashes and apply your preferred dark mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

Draw the Wing

For the last step, utilize a gel eyeliner to arrange your eyes and work to your ideal thickness. Try to wing out the liner parallel to the cut crease. Presently, go over the gel liner with some dark eyeshadow and add some mascara to further increase the look. At last, utilize the eyeshadows you utilized in the initial step on the lower lash line and add some mascara to the lower lashes to pull the look together.

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