Reham Khan is a Pakistani-British Journalist. She was born on 3 April 1973, Ajdabiya, Libya. She is exceptionally clever from her youth. She began her profession as a journalist in 2006. She was taken a shot at BBC as a stay. She additionally worked in Radio station as a writer. She facilitated a Focus syndicated programs. She got tremendous acclaim from her news-casting profession.

From that point onward, She moved to Pakistan and joined Pakistani News industry. She likewise showed up in Dawan News.

At the point when her folks moved to Libya in late 1960, Reham was conceived in Ajdabiya in the year 1973. Her family hails from Baffa which is a little town that falsehoods 15 km in west of Mansehra. She has solid bonds with her sister and sibling. She is knowledgeable and holds a Bachelor degree in Education. She has finished her instruction from Jinnah College for Women situated in Peshawar.

She has been hitched two times, yet lamentably both the relational unions fizzled. Presently, she is single subsequent to being separated from her first ex Ejaz Rehman (who she wedded at age 19) and later from the second one – Cricketer Imran Khan.

Reham Khan Age

Reham Khan was born on April 03rd 1973 in Ajdabiya which is a city in Libya. So as indicated by her date of birth, she is 45 years of age right now.

Reham Khan Education

Her family moved to Libya in mid-60s, where she had her initial education and afterward her family moved back to Pakistan where her dad began honing as a general doctor in Peshawar.

Reham had her four-year college education in instruction from Jinnah College for Women in Peshawar and after that went to UK where she contemplated broadcasting news coverage from North Lindsey College. She likewise got her post-graduate certificate from Grimsby in United Kingdom.

Reham Khan Career

In one meeting Reham said that she was getting more regard when she was single. She began her profession in the year 2006, when she used to have Legal TV appears in Pakistan. Afterward, she introduced herself in worcester and Sunshine Radio hereford.

Following couple of years in 2008, she joined the most celebrated news divert on the planet, BBC and began work there as a communicate writer. In 2013, Khan returned Pakistan and began work with Pakistani news channel News One, trailed by Aaj TV. From 2015 – 2016, she worked with Neo TV, and facilitated a TV indicate named Tabdeeli.

She has said that media and individuals should quit making her inquiries about her private life. She says that she is much the same as another person and needs to have a basic existence.

Reham Khan First Marriage

Ejaz Rehman was her first cousin and he functioned as a British therapist. Reham got hitched to him when she was only 19. With Ejaz, she had three kids who still live with her after separation. Reham functioned as a columnist in the wake of being separated from Ejaz.

Working with certainty, she strived difficult to accomplish her objectives throughout everyday life. She proceeded with her work as opposed to getting into misery after separation. Dealing with her youngsters, she is known to be a lady of solid self-control. She has constantly roused youths with the goal that they will be skilled to deal with their life at a more youthful age.

Reham Khan Second Marriage

Following couple of years, Reham again wedded the renowned cricketer Imran Khan. Her marriage occurred in the month of January 2015. Disappointedly, she petitioned for separation and they finished there their relationship in the month of October 2015. The media and different daily papers of Pakistan got engaged with her breakdown of association with Imran. Numerous individuals were brought up issues on her character, some in a terrible taste.

The media continually made her inquiries in regards to the reason for their separation. She continued saying that it is extremely private issue yet the media irritating proceeded. Saying that she was baffled with every such inquiry, regardless she chose to answer the media in each conceivable way.

Reham Khan Book

These fays Reham Khan is the talk of the country for all the wrong reasons as her book which is soon to be released has created some controversy. The manuscript of her book has been leaked where she has mentioned some really terrible stuff about Imran Khan and people related to him.

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