The lawn season has arrived, and the brand wars are on! As winter slackens its grasp in Pakistan, the lawn fever is wherever – daily papers, Television stations, online networking, and so on. It’s that time again where the boards all around the nation are decorated with staggering women shaking the lawn outfits with streaming duppattas.

In the event that you are one of those individuals who are energized for the mid-year to wear the most recent lawn patterns, or on the off chance that you are one of those individuals who can’t center around the street while driving since you are excessively bustling looking at the boards around you, invite to the club.

With summer practically around the bend, brands plan to divulge their fabulous accumulations. Be that as it may, you won’t have to invest hours looking what to look at, and what to miss. Here, we have scribbled down a rundown of all your most loved brands that have propelled their accumulations up until this point, so look at it to perceive what’s in store for you this time around.


A sentimental match of delicate prints, and strong weaving that will emanate your actual polish! Rich, lively, brilliant – what more do you need? Look dynamite in Al-Karam Summer gathering, and draw out the best in you. With Al-Karam, this year is about outline that transmits like a morning light.

You can shop from their Luxury, Elegance, Regal, and Sublime gathering to emerge from the group this mid-year from their stores across the nation.


An amalgamation of inborn prints, and Patole themes – Generation’s new in accumulation for Summer 2018 is a treat for every one of the women out there. From Woman, to Basic, to Classics, and Flo, each line is about ageless tastefulness, and highlights garments that interest to the youthful fashionistas who hope to put forth a fashion expression. Shop their most recent gathering from stores now.

Sana Safinaz

Influence jaws to drop and set the state of mind ideal for the summers with the most recent yard accumulation of Sana Safinaz. Looking rich was never so natural, so shop the blend of great and contemporary as the accumulation is currently accessible in stores now, and on the web.


Sapphire’s Summer gathering 2018 is about energetic hues and strong florals. Offering a blend of customary and contemporary prints, this accumulation presents to you an assorted assortment of prints and hues. Sapphire Summer Lawn Volume 1 is presently accessible in stores.

Gul Ahmed

Set on your late spring dream this mid-year with the finest gathering by Gul Ahmed, that is here to win hearts. From the monstrously beguiling impartial tones, to oriental, and the monochrome outlines, everything trickles class and sheer polish. Their battle “Be unique, be valiant” increases the social development that is bringing the assorted variety, and many-sided quality of ladies’ lives to the fore.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Lawn accumulation this year will transport you into an alternate time, rich in culture and convention. With Cross Stitch, this late spring season is tied in with emerging from the group with ladylike, floral and quite pretty outlines.

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