Neela Sandh waterfall is an outing spot which merits going by, not just this, this is just 38 KM far from standard Islamabad city which is just around 55 minutes drive. Be that as it may, when you reach there, you will acknowledge, you have been feeling the loss of an extremely excellent regular wonder in your patio.

Neela Sandh is a delightful waterfall, situated in Mori Syedan, Lehtrar Road, District Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. It has surroundings numerous greenery, tall trees, extensive mountains which relatively secured with snow constantly. A staggering arrangement of lakes with precious stone water alongside the green knolls is referred to in locale Rawalpindi named Neela Sandh. This entrancing outing spot is a fascination for the locals and nationwide voyagers.

Individuals visit and appreciate here with families. The place is magnificent useful for the general population bore of warmth in summer, as it gives a chance of swimming with cool water.

These lakes alongside swimming give a gigantic view for photography. Waterfalls add magnificence to the entrancing look of the lakes. It is a present for individuals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and they will most likely be surprised that rural areas of Islamabad have a waterfall, which keeps running consistently and appended normal swimming pools.

All things considered, Neela Sandh has the accumulation of numerous lakes, when every single common lake consolidate and stream a similar way, it turns into a lovely clean blue waterfall which really secured very nearly 12 meters territory. Those guests who adore swimming unquestionably come here to fun cool clean water with their families and companions.

Guests feel loose at this enchanting spot with dazzling characteristic ponder out of sight. On the off chance that you haven’t seen this place you are feeling the loss of a lovely view. This place isn’t notable to individuals, the reason its attractiveness is very much shielded. As we individuals have the propensity to rot the magnificence of nature.

This dazzling spot is dependably the fascination spot among families, vacationers and guests, everyone cherish these sort of common green places constantly.

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