Gul Panra is a standout amongst the most prevalent Pakistani Pashto Singers. She is a Pukhtoon and normally exceptionally lovely, and reasonable in appearance. She has common guiltless looks that are adored by numerous individuals, while others cherish her for singing. Individuals cherish her sweet voice and charming articulations.

At begin, she used to sing Pashto tunes just, now she sings Urdu tunes as well. She is shrewd, stunning and has ended up being a decent vocalist. There is a not insignificant rundown of her fans and devotees.

Born in Peshawar, Pakistan, Gul Panra is a Pashto who got notoriety in Pakistan from her appearance Coke Studio Pakistan Seasons 8 where she showed up in a melody with her two part harmony Atif Aslam. Before different parts of Pakistan, she was famous in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan. She is dynamic in the singing industry since 2010.


She is Peshawar (Pakistan) born lovely young lady who was born on 6 September 1989.


She got her initial training from the place where she grew up Peshawar, and after that, she went to Peshawar University to finish her higher examinations in Social Work Department. Regardless of being a capable artist, she has likewise been a savvy, splendid and splendid understudy in her understudy life. She finished her Masters in 2014 in her field of intrigue that is Masters in Social work with decent evaluations and achievement.


This pure magnificence has one brother and six sisters. She is the oldest of the siblings. This makes her more mindful and dedicated also.


Gul Panra began her career in 2010; she was excessively youthful around then. Her enthusiasm was to sing and to demonstrate that she is the most skilled Pashto vocalist. She sings well as well as looks so lovely and guiltless that individuals effectively get pulled in to her. She has turned out to be to a great degree popular in such a limited ability to focus time. She began her profession by singing melodies of different artists in shows and relational unions in Peshawar city. She got consideration of other individuals in only a couple of months. She at that point sung numerous tunes in Traditional Pashto Language. Presently she sings in Urdu Language as well. All the K.P.K is her fan and the every one of the Pakistanis like her.

One day, she was singing in a nearby lodging where some music writers were likewise welcomed. They were so astonished by her otherworldly sweet voice. They were astonished that this young lady had sung so well. Truth be told, she was superior to the vocalists who were at that point in the field. They were stunned to the point that she was offered to sing for Film as a playback artist. She was to a great degree happy and acknowledged that offer quickly. So thusly, she could enter Pakistan Pashto Industry and it was all her ability that advanced out.

At that point, she was in news and began getting an ever-increasing number of offers for singing for various movies. She was excessively cheerful and got occupied with the work and accounts of tunes. Her first since forever music collection “Zama Ghazal” got viral on the web and interpersonal organizations and earned likes in millions. She could get such a positive and eager reaction from her fans and devotees. She is sufficiently fortunate to have a wide fan following due to her honest, beautiful looks and adorable voice.

Singing Career

Today one of the famous vocalists in Pakistan, Gul Panra began her singing vocation in 2010 at twenty years old. She started her vocation by singing relational unions capacities and partaking in commonplace shows. The vast majority of her fans think she just sings in the Pashto dialect. That was genuine couple of months prior however now she has begun to sing in Urdu also. She worked in Pashto film industry as a playback artist also and has showed up as a playback vocalist in very nearly twenty Pashto films.

National Fame

Gul Panra got the popularity subsequent to showing up in Coke Studio Pakistan Season 8 where she sang a tune Man Aamadeh Am with Atif Aslam. It is truly outstanding and most listened tunes of the Season 8. Atif Aslam had sun Urdu adaptation while Gul Panra had sung Persian variant of the melody.

Songs and Coke Studio

Gul Panra is a Pashto Singer who sang for in excess of 20 Pashto films and discharged her own three Studio Albums. She got her huge break amid her show in a nearby place. She had sung for some movies from that point onward and she has far forward. She has performed in numerous nations other than Pakistan including UAE, Qatar and Afghanistan.

She is cherished by individuals and her shows are equipped for social affair a tremendous group. After Ghazala Javed, she turned out as most prominent Pashto artist. Individuals do truly make the most of her shows and begin hitting the dance floor with the mood of her melodies. Subsequent to singing in films, she proceeded onward a bit and propelled her own particular studio collections one by one. Her collections incorporate Malund, Meena Na Kawom, Zama Ghazal which are on the whole much valued by individuals.

The year 2015 had turned out to be a significantly more joyful year of Gul Panra’s life. In August 2015, she persuaded an opportunity to be a piece of the Coke Studio Season 8 as an artist. Gul sang a mainstream and inspiring Persian Traditional tune, “MAN AAMADEH AM” as one with an exceptionally renowned and skilled Singer Atif Aslam. Gul has sung the Persian form of the tune on Coke Studio Season 8 where Atif had sung its Urdu adaptation. The melody got viral wherever on Social Media. It came in the most played rundown of melodies, and it was being shared generally on every single social medium systems. The melody was an extraordinary mix of Urdu and Persian. Individuals cherished it despite the fact that they didn’t comprehend it. They delighted in it profoundly of their heart.

She is additionally wanting to chip away at some Urdu melodies and release tunes in Urdu language in not so distant future.


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