Iqrar-ul-Hassan is an amazing person who got ubiquity from an exceptionally celebrated show sar e aam where he isn’t just playing out his obligation yet in addition for the improvement of the general public. He was hitched to a stay young lady Qurat-ul-Ain and they have an exceptionally adorable child, Pehlaj who as of late turns into a star.

Celebrity life isn’t simple in any way. Everyone needs to know each and everything about superstar even about their own life. At the point when fans came to know even a minor data about big name, it spreads like flares and whispering about the subject makes it more grief stricken.

Farah Yousaf is a famous grapple and newscaster of Pakistani media scene. She joined media in the wake of finishing her graduation from University of Punjab in Political Sciences and has worked at various famous and driving news stations of Pakistan including Dawn News, Channel 42, ARY News, Dunya News and numerous others.

As now the news about Iqrar’s second marriage with Farah Yousuf is out we wanted the dazzling couple to enjoy all that life has to offer for their upbeat wedded life.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan got hitched second time with commentator Farah Yusuf with the assent of his first spouse Qurat-ul-Ain and affirmed it on Twitter. He said that his first family and second spouse both are living joyfully together. In the interim, Iqrar-ul-Hassan close down the Twitterati scrutinizing him for his second marriage with anchorperson Farah Yousaf. Iqrar posted a photo from his remote stumble on Twitter where Farah Yousaf could be seen remaining behind. This got the consideration of the fans, inquiring as to whether that is Farah Yousaf.

As of late, Iqrar-ul-Hassan was on a family trip with his family. Where he posted his photo on twitter. In one of his photo, Farah Yousef was remaining behind him which makes a heap of inquiries for him. Everyone begin reprimanding Iqrar-ul-Hassan about this. One of his fans remarked that, is Farah Yousaf Standing behind him, which he replies “Yes” with no lie. Here Iqrar-ul-Hassan second marriage truth uncovered.

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