Churna Island for some is nothing not as much as a concealed heaven situated in the Arabian Sea. Churna Island is best known and well known for Snorkeling and Scuba plunging trips. Since the ocean is quiet with the nonattendance of high tides, so the best time to swim is currently particularly in the periods of November till April.

It is a characteristic marvel that the water appears and feels significantly hotter amid the winters when contrasted with the summers.

Arranged at the outskirts of the Sindh and Balochistan territories, known for its great marine life and water sports exercises, the Charna Island, otherwise called Jazeera Charna or Cheero, is 46 km far from focal Karachi.

Charna Island is one of the uncommon locales in Sindh which has coral reefs, regularly called as “the rain woodland of the ocean”. Shallow coral reefs shape the absolute most assorted biological systems on planet earth, they give a home to a greater part of marine species, including fish, worms, molluscs, cnidarians, scavengers, and considerably more.

Snorkelling is the act of swimming on or through a waterway while outfitted with a jumping cover, a formed tube called a snorkel, and typically balances. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may likewise be worn.

Charna Island is best known for swimming and scuba plunging trips, since the ocean is quiet with the nonappearance of high tides, you can visit Charna in any season and it is dependably an astonishing knowledge, however the best time to swim is from November to April, it is a marvel that the water feels considerably hotter amid the winters, when contrasted with the late spring.

So as to reach Charna Island, you should first achieve Mubarak town, privately known as Mubarak goth. When you have achieved Mubarak town, you should get into a pontoon, which will take you to Charna Island, which is roughly 6 km far from the town. You can lease the whole pontoon or you can pay the charge by per traveller.

At the point when your boots hit the ground of Charna Island, there are very few choices accessible to investigate the island, you can go by foot or you can likewise lease a bike from nearby villagers to investigate the island. The island is around 1.2 km long and roughly 0.5 km wide.


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