Banjosa Lake is situated close to Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. A simulated lake at an elevation of 1981 meters, an artificial land on account of its brilliant and shocking perspectives and fantastic garden, is extremely acclaimed traveller spot with vivacious trees and vivid blossoms. Encouraged with swings and slides the spot is a polarization for kids too.

Banjosa Lake is bypassed by mountains and lavish green garden bottomless with blooms and trees, this is an extremely shining tiny lake.

Banjosa lake is arranged only 12 km far from the city of Rawalakot. Through Kahuta street it takes 3 hours from Rawalpindi to reach Rawalakot. The stunning landscape captivates and hypnotizes guests all through the excursion. From Rawalakot, Banjosa lake is only 20 minutes away. The streets in the zone are exceptionally very much kept up and the security circumstance is additionally acceptable.

There are some extremely lavish visitor houses and inns close Banjosa Lake. The Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has fabricated some captivating resorts around the lake, which can be reserved from the AJK office in Rawalakot. Some private lodgings and eateries are likewise worked inside strolling separation of the lake which offer heavenly suppers with different offices at prudent costs.

Since Banjosa Lake is a celebrated vacationer point and it draws in countless in the mid-year, it is constantly prescribed to book your rooms ahead of time.

The enthralling excellence of Banjosa, the manufactured lake reflects in its resting quiet water. Banjosa Lake is the main arranged traveller resort in the zone. Remaining in one of the rest houses built in the surroundings of the lake is a genuinely delightful affair. One can appreciate drifting in the lake, perusing a book or tuning in to music while respecting the excellence of the region.

Captivation attractiveness of Banjosa, the simulated Lake reflects in resting quiet dihydrogen monoxide. Remain in adjacent built rest houses in the circumventions of the lake is a luscious ordeal. One can savour drifting and perusing a book or having an iPod while lounging around could be a decent origination.

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