The trend of wearing shalwar kameez is prevalent everywhere throughout the center east. South Asian nations like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the general population get a kick out of the chance to wear shalwar kameez as their social dress. It is the national dress of Pakistan and India likewise has an extraordinary network who favored this dress. The design of shalwar kameez isn’t from now, yet it has its inceptions from antiquated occasions where Asian individuals used to wear it, a few Egyptians likewise wore it other than those Malaysian, Turkish individuals and other Muslim nations like and want to be wearing shalwar kameez.

The styles and designs of shalwar kameez change step by step, area to area, numerous designer designs their unique accumulations and presents their new forms however its essence continues as before. Today here I am going to share with you some of the beautiful applique shalwar kameez design for women. The gathering is finished with most recent patterns and styles with fragile prints. Delightful extravagant weavings are finished with shirts and kurti with the essence of the eastern pattern. Exquisite shalwar kameez designs in great shading plan are likewise the piece of this variety.

Applique is a piece of clothing which has embroidery or designs on top of it and it has to be pasted on top of the outfits. Do not mistake applique with embroidery as these are two different things.

You can pick them for party wear, formal wear, and occasional wear. You can likewise choose out any dress for different religious occasions and so forth. Pakistani women can likewise select these dresses for their occasions like Eid and can also wear them casually.

Pakistani Applique

Pakistani designers keep coming with awesome designs which have appliqué work on them. Black kameez shalwar is a favorite of most of the people living in Pakistan. Have a look at this beautiful black kameez which has colorful appliqué work on it.

Orange Applique Work Kurta

Applique kurtas are extremely famous and are loved by ladies of today’s generation. They have a charm of their own and look super elegant. Here is one kurta design which has orange appliqué work and looks quite classy.

Gray Kameez Shalwar With Applique Work

Applique work looks great on casual and semi-formal outfits but it looks even better on the formal outfits. The kind of outfits you can wear on big events and on weddings. Have a look at this beautiful gray kameez shalwar where the shirt has yellow appliqué work on top of it.

Beautiful Floral Print

Summer lawn dresses are mostly about applique which you have to get it stitched with your clothes. Applique can change the whole design of the outfit and gives it a new life. Look at this beautiful colorful print with appliqué work that looks amazing.

Stunning Applique Kameez Shalwar

Stop whatever you are doing and look at this gorgeous dress with the most striking appliqué work. This outfit is extremely elegant and can be work on the formal events. It has appliqué work on the kameez as well as on the net duppatta.

Glamorous Outfit With Applique Work

Who says you cannot make your outfits look glamorous when they have an appliqué work? Well, it is totally up to you and by looking at this picture this misconception should be cleared. This stunning outfit has appliqué work on the kameez and on the pants.

Stunning Summer Outfit

Pakistani designers come up with the most beautiful summer outfits in the whole world. People get crazy over the luxury lawn that comes out every year and there are even pre-booking for that. Have a look at this striking summery outfit which has appliqué on the shirt and looks lovely.

Beautiful Black Kameez Shalwar

Kameez shalwar have a charm of their own and they can never get old in fashion. People still prefer shalwar kameez as they look very traditional. This is a yet another stunning black and white shalwar kameez outfit where kameez has appliqué work over it.

Lilac Shalwar Kameez

Summer outfits always have a wide range of colors that you can instantly fall in love with. This gorgeous lilac outfit has my heart, to be honest. The color, the design everything is beyond perfect. The appliqué work on the kameez makes it even more stylish.

Black Suit With Applique Design

Black kameez always looks great when it is mixed with colors on top of it. The bold and popping colors make it look even more stunning and anybody can rock it. How gorgeous is this stunning kameez shalwar which ahs appliqué work on kameez?

White Kameez With Red Applique

A little dose of color always brings life to a certain thing. Well, talking about this stunning and elegant white kameez, let me tell you the appliqué work is going to blow your mind. The red appliqué work is making everything look really great.

Floral Printed Kameez Shalwar

Guys, how can anyone not fall in love with this outfit? This has to be a love at first sight outfit which can grab anyone’s attention. The colors, detailing and the style, everything looks great. Moreover, the appliqué work on the kameez makes it even more chic.

Black and White Applique Work Kurta

White is the most elegant color when it comes to shalwar kameez and it has a grace of its own. People can wear this color on any day and any occasion and still look very elegant. This white kameez has black appliqué work on it which looks quite lovely.

Formal Kameez Design

Applique work is not just limited to simple casual clothes but it is also done on the formal clothes that you can wear to big formal events. How gorgeous is this black kameez which has stunning appliqué work on top of it?

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