The miracles and magnificence of our nation are certain. The absolute most eminent glaciers in the whole world are available here. Glaciers are comprised of mass snow aggregation on a land over a significant lot of time. Glaciers shift as per their sizes and assume a noteworthy part in keeping the environment cool. There are numerous glaciers in Pakistan that are celebrated as trekking destinations and vacation spots.

With regards to glaciers and snow secured mountain tops, Pakistan is an exceptionally honoured nation. Pakistan not just has a portion of the most noteworthy snow-shrouded mountains on the planet, yet it likewise has a portion of the greatest and most stunning glaciers on the planet. These glaciers are situated in the northern regions of Pakistan and they are a noteworthy wellspring of water for the inhabitants of these territories and even the lower zones. Because of the changing climate patterns around the globe, and worldwide environmental change, numerous climate specialists anticipate that there can be a critical increment in glaciers in Pakistan. Furthermore, we can see a significant number of these astonishing glaciers dissolve in the coming years.

The glaciers are profitable resources of Pakistan in view of helping the district keep its temperature ordinary which would have been tremendously hot. These glaciers additionally add to the picturesque excellence of Pakistan making her an excellent nation with a rich characteristic view. Here are the most astounding glaciers in Pakistan that you definitely need to visit.

Siachen Glacier

The Siachen Glacier is in the eastern Karakoram go in the Himalaya Mountains along the questioned India-Pakistan interval fringe at around 35.5° N 77.0° E. It is the longest ice sheet in the Karakoram and second longest on the planet’s non-polar zones. It ranges from a height of 5,753 m (18,875 ft) above ocean level.

Baltoro Glacier

The second biggest glacier in the Himalaya, the Baltoro glacier is arranged on the southern slants of the focal Karakoram run in the Baltistan territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This glacier is one of the wellsprings of Shigar River, a tributary of the River Indus.

Rakaposhi Glacier

This glacier is situated on the lower inclines of the Karakoram extend in Gilgit . It is rented on the north-bound inclines of the Rakaposhi massif. Rakaposhi glacier lies in a trough whose base tenderly inclines towards the north and northwest. This glacier can be drawn nearer through Gilgit in the Ladakh locale of Jammu and Kashmir.

Batura Glacier

The Batura Glacier is the fourth longest glacier on the planet. The aggregate zone of Batura Glacier is 290 Square Kilometers and 58 kilometers long. At 35 miles long, the Batura Glacier is one of the world’s longest outside of the polar districts. The out-and-back climb along its course offers fabulous view including somewhere in the range of 14 tops higher than 7000 meters, the mind-blowing Batura ‘Divider’ and a standout amongst the most beautifully set towns you will ever observe, the regular villa of Yashpirt.

Biafo Glacier

The Biago Glacier is 67kms long and the third greatest land glacier in the whole world. Mango, Baintha and Namla are campgrounds set up close to the glacier and can be gotten to through the Askole Village of Gilgit-Baltistan. No vegetation is seen on this tract. The standard of this glacier rises the Shigar River. The Biafo glacier can be drawn nearer by means of Skardu in Ladakh.

Nubra Glacier

Extensive tributary glaciers incorporate valley glaciers from the northwestern inclines of the Sasser La massif and the southeastern slants of the Karakoram go feed this glacier. This glacier offers to ascend to the Nubra River which thusly streams into the Shyok waterway.

Hispar Glacier

Biafo Glacier (60 km. long) and Hispar Glacier (61 km. long) meet at the 5151 m. Hispar Pass to shape one of the longest cold frameworks outside the polar districts. This roadway of ice interfaces two antiquated mountain kingdoms; Hunza in the west with Baltistan in the east.

Rimo Glacier

It lies in the northern piece of the remote Rimo Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram extend. It is situated around 20 km upper east of the nose of the Siachen Glacier and is the world’s 71st most astounding mountain. Rimo signifies “striped mountain”. The Rimo Glacier, starting here, channels to the Shyok waterway.

Gasherbrum Glacier

Lying at the base of the Gasherbrum top, the Gasherbrum glacier having the length of 26 kms, is situated on the southern inclines of the Karakoram go in the Baltistan zone of Ladakh. Little valley Glaciers open into the primary glacier. No vegetative cover is found because of extraordinary climate conditions. This glacier can be drawn closer by means of Skardu in Ladakh.

Passu Glacier

Situated in the South of Passu, the Passu Peak is adjacent also. The glacier connects up with various different glaciers in the area and is a standout amongst the most wonderful sights in Pakistan. Passu is a modest town on the Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan. Encompassed by some mind boggling mountain ranges, you don’t need to search far for characteristic motivation.

Godwin-Austen Glacier

The Godwin-Austen Glacier is close K2 in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Its a standout amongst the most loved spots for trekking in Pakistan since it gives superb perspectives in Pakistan.

Panmah Glacier

The mud you see is really a flotsam and jetsam loaded glacier! Panmah Glacier is a glacier(s) and is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The gauge territory rise above seal level is 4061 meters. It is 44 kilometers in length.

Biarchedi Glacier

This genuinely grand glacier collaborates with the Baltoro Glacier in the North. It lies only somewhat north east of the Birachedi Peak. Biarchedi Glacier is by Gore and is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Biarchedi Glacier has a length of 27.04 kilometers.

Chong Kumdan Glacier

The Chong Kumdan glacier is arranged on the lower slants of the Karakoram go. It is situated in a trough that is encompassed by high crests on all sides. The liquefy water falls into the Shyok River which toward the end goes into the Indus River. The Gapshan lake was shaped because of the barricade of the Shyok waterway by the glacier yet later it depleted away because of softening of the ice. This glacier can be drawn closer by means of Skardu in Ladakh.


The gathering spot of the Godwin-Austin Glaciers, Baltoro and Upper Baltoro is known as the Concordia. Mountain cherishing individuals and climbers think of it as the most worth seeing and the greatest point versus mountain condition on earth. Among the tallest 14 mountain pinnacles of the world that are over 8000 meters, Pakistan gladly bears five. What’s more, of those, four pinnacles can undoubtedly be seen from the Concordia, a campground at the rise of 4600 meters.

Rupal Glacier

It is the wellspring of the Rupal River and lies in the Great Himalayas. This glacier is a glacier in the himalayas. The meltwater from the glacier structures Rupal River.

Bilafond Glacier

Situated in the Siachin area, this glacier is guaranteed by both Pakistan and India. It is the wellspring of the Saltoro River, a tributary of Shyok River. Bilafond Glacier is situated in Siachen area crosswise over Karakoram Range in Pakistan. It is a primary hotspot for Saltoro River. It is under Pakistani control.

Gondogoro Glacier

The Gondogoro is the backup way to go to achieving Concordia. It lies in Gilgit-Baltistan and the trip through it is amazing. Gondogoro Glacier is situated towards the North of Hushe Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. The best season for this course is from the period of May to End of September every year. From Hushe town (3250m), the trail proceeds with northwards takes an easterly bend and, turning north again rises the Gondogoro Glacier.

Vigne Glacier

The Vigne glacier likewise lies in Gilgit, very close to the mainstream Baltoro and Gondogoro glaciers. To achieve the Gondogoro Pass, you should cross over the Vigne glacier. The glacier is named after Godfrey Vigne. It gives access to Gondogoro (La) Pass.

Abruzzi Glacier

Abruzzi Glacier is beside Baltoro Kangri and is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Abruzzi Glacier has a length of 45.53 kilometers. The Abruzzi glacier joins the Baltoro Glacier (one of the biggest glaciers outside the polar area) that streams northwest in the first place and afterwards turns westbound, the glacier gives sublime perspectives of K2, most astounding top in Pakistan.

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