PTCL is a notable name in Pakistan and it is the main Telecom company that is giving Broadband Internet Packages to Pakistani customers. PTCL has a very amazing and great market share which is high as contrast with other web administrations giving ventures that are the essential reason 1.7 million broadband clients are utilizing PTCL bundles services.

PTCL brings amazing internet packages for its clients just to give them the best services without any hassle. PTCL has the most extensive system with regards to the landline telephone and furnishing web benefits in Pakistan with inclusion to in excess of 2000 urban areas and towns across the nation for its different items like PTCL Broadband, Vfone, EVO gadgets, and Charji gadgets.

Lately, PTCL has appreciated spreading its Fiber Optic system the nation over which has come about greater internet gathering and professed to have Speed going from 8Mbps to 100Mbps. In this post, I will cover PTCL Internet Packages and broadband offers which are accessible. With PTCL broadband bundles all PTCL clients can remain associated with their friends and family with extremely quick continuous internet speeds.

PTCL Internet Packages 2018

PTCL Broadband Economy Packages

Activation of PTCL internet packages/broadband packages is extremely simple, all you have to do is simply dial PTCL toll-free number 0800 8 0800 and select your desired package.

Package Name Data Limit Charges
1 Mbps (Limited) 10GB download limit Rs.625
2 Mbps Starter Package (Limited) 2Mbps with 20GB Download Rs.825
4 Mbps Starter Package (Limited) 4 Mbps with 40GB Download  limit Rs.999

PTCL Unlimited Internet Packages

Package Name Data Limit Charges
1 Mbps Unlimited 1 Mbps internet connection with unlimited downloads Rs. 1399
2 Mbps Unlimited Unlimited download Rs.1,599
4 Mbps Unlimited 4 Mbps internet connection with unlimited downloads Rs. 1825
8 Mbps Unlimited 8 Mbps internet connection with unlimited downloads Rs. 3025

PTCL HI-Speed Internet Packages

Package Name Data Limit Charges
HISpeed 12 Mbps 12 Mbps with Unlimited Download Rs.4,000
HISpeed 16 Mbps 16 Mbps with Unlimited Download Rs.5,000
HISpeed 20 Mbps 20 Mbps with Unlimited Download Rs.6,000
HISpeed 30 Mbps 30 Mbps with Unlimited Download Rs.7,500
HISpeed 50 Mbps 50 Mbps with unlimited download Rs.10,000
HISpeed 100 Mbps 100 Mbps with Unlimited Download Rs.20,000

PTCL Charji Internet Packages

PTCL Charji is LTE empowered remote broadband gadget. CharJi is accessible in dongles (a little gadget ready to be associated with and utilized with a PC), Mi-Fi mists and tablet, giving a consistent web involvement and quicker web perusing where clients can stream HD recordings, downloads, transfers and low idleness (ping) rates for internet gaming. Clients can interface up to 10 wifi empowered gadgets to one Charji in its region without a moment’s delay. Following are the subtle elements of PTCL Charji Internet bundles.

CharJi EVO Cloud Internet Packages

Packages Price
CharJi Cloud 20 GB Rs.1,000
CharJi Cloud 40 GB Rs.1,250
CharJi Cloud 50 GB Rs.1,500
CharJi Cloud 100 GB Rs.2,000
CharJi Cloud 150 GB Rs.2,500

>PTCL CharJi EVO Wingle Packages and their prices:

CharJi EVO Cloud packages Price
CharJi Wingle 20 GB Rs.1,000
CharJi Wingle 40 GB Rs.1,250
CharJi Wingle 50 GB Rs.1,500
CharJi Wingle 100 GB Rs.2,000
CharJi Wingle 150 GB Rs.2,500

PTCL EVO Devices Internet Packages

PTCL has presented three EVO gadgets that are intended to give On-the-go availability to its clients. These are a kind of USB gadget which fills in as a wifi hotspot also and gives an alternative to associate up to 10 gadgets to each EVO gadget.

Following are the points of interest of PTCL 3G EVO Wingle Packages which incorporates PTCL EVO gadgets, PTCL EVO bundles/PTCL EVO understudy bundle and PTCL EVO Wingle Packages:

  1. PTCL EVO C@rFi
  2. EVO Nitro Cloud Share
  3. 3G EVO Wingle 9.3

PTCL EVO C@rFi Internet Packages

Data Limit & Duration Price
15 GB for 3 months Rs.4,000
30 GB for 6 months Rs.5,000

PTCL EVO Nitro Cloud-Share Internet Packages

Data Limit Price
Nitro Cloud 5 GB Rs.7,50
Nitro Cloud 10 GB Rs.1,000
Nitro Cloud 15 GB Rs.1,250

PTCL 3G EVO Wingle 9.3 Internet Packages

Data Limit Price
Default Package Rs.2,000
3G EVO Wingle 25 GB Rs.1,500
3G EVO Wingle 15 GB Rs.1,250
3G EVO Wingle 10 GB Rs.1,000

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