Wedding is a bliss when wo people love each other and plan to spend it together happily for the rest of their lives. An upbeat and inconvenience free wedded life is an incredible gift of God. As we all know that this is an era of social media where everyone likes to post about their lives on their social media accounts. There has been a pattern that when big names get hitched they ensure that their fans see the photos and in some cases even the service in detail. The big names additionally keep their fans refreshed on Social Networking Sites, in this way fans are in a way considerably more associated with the individual existence of these famous people then they were ever previously.

After Hollywood and Bollywood, the pattern of breakups or divorce has likewise expanded in the Pakistani film industry. From well known performing artists to models, superstar couples make them question on the off chance that anybody is protected from the separation storm overwhelming the showbiz business.

There are numerous couples who couldn’t spare their relational unions and things didn’t work out appropriately between two individuals. Each individual has a privilege to spare the satisfaction of life and at any rate endeavor to spare the marriage once, twice or thrice. So, below is a rundown of the divorces of Pakistani celebrities that shocked us:

Sara Bhatti And Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal is the best Pakistani on-screen character administering the Pakistani business for a long time. His style, identity, and acting make him a genius. She additionally got separated with Sara Bhatti in 2017. They have two adorable little infant young ladies.

Noman Javaid And Fariha Pervaiz

Pakistani vocalists, Noman Javaid and Fariha Pervaiz got hitched furtively in January 2016. The couple kept their marriage mystery from general society, yet a few sources near the couple uncovered their marriage news. Tragically, only a couple of months after marriage, Noman Javaid endeavored to submit suicide. He was immediately raced to the doctor’s facility where he was kept in ICU for 24 hours and specialists promptly washed his stomach and spared his life. The couple petitioned for separate from perfectly after this occurrence.

Arij Fatyma And Faraz Khan

Delightful and youthful on-screen character Arij Fatyma got married with Faraz Khan in January 2014. According to sources, it was their affection marriage. However, do you know what happened only ten days after their marriage? The recently marry couple stunned everybody by going separate ways only 10 days after the fact!

Asad Siddiqui And Maham Babar

Asad Siddiqui got married in August 2014, with a fashion designer Maham Babar. Tragically, after two years in 2016, the couple furtively went separate ways. Their separation news wound up open when Asad reported his second marriage with Asma Abbas’ little girl Zara Noor Abbas in September 2017. The explanation for Asad and Maham’s separation isn’t known yet.

Noor Bukhari And Wali Hamid Ali Khan

Noor Bukhari is a skilled and delightful performer of Pakistan. She is extremely carefree ladies spreading bliss everywhere throughout the world however tragically her wedded life is loaded with a great deal of agonies. She got separated from four times and now she cleared out the showbiz and turned towards Islam. We laud her strength and endeavors.

Naveen Waqar And Azfar Ali

Subsequent to closure his 12-year-former association with spouse Salma Hassan, Azfar Ali got married for the second time with youthful performing artist Naveen Waqar. Their marriage news shocked everybody on the grounds that nobody was expecting that Azfar would end his involved acquaintance with Salma to wed Naveen. Naveen and Azfar got married in August 2012 and the couple isolated only three years after the fact in July 2015.

Mahira Khan And Ali Askari

The couple got hitched in 2007 and had a child kid named Azlan. Mahira Khan got separated from her better half Ali Askari couple of years back. After some time they both were seen in a family wedding and individuals think they are still in a relationship, however they just got together for their child. After separation, the 31 years of age performing artist uncovered that she has proceeded onward to her mom’s living arrangement alongside her child.

Shaista Lodhi And Waqar Wahidi

Shaista Lodhi was hitched for a long time to Waqar Wahidi. She got hitched when she was as yet an understudy. She has three kids Shafay, Faiz and Eeman. At first when news of her separation came in the news she avoided the media and individuals. Be that as it may, couple of weeks after the fact she transparently discussed her separation. She likewise revealed to her watchers and fans the purposes for her separation.

Aisam-ul-Haq And Faha Makhdoom

Tennis player Aisal-ul-Haq got hitched to Faha Makhdoom in 2011. Faha. The couple looked fabulous together in the marriage pictures. At first when the news of their conceivable separation was distributed in media, the group of Aisam-ul-Haq denied the news. They even said that they will make lawful move against media people who were spreading this talk. Aisam-ul-Haq did not give a purpose behind the separation.

Noman Javaid And Jana Malik

Noman Javaid and Jana Malik have additionally isolated. The couple who got hitched in September 2016, went separate ways only a half year later in March 2017. As indicated by sources, Jana documented a case for khula on the grounds that Noman didn’t satisfy her rights. Be that as it may, Jana Malik remained adhere to her words and requested separation.

Annie Khalid And Malik Noureed

The popular vocalist Annie Khalid got hitched to a rich businessperson Malik Noureed. Their marriage was commended with full fate and pleasure. Yet, this couple was not able keep up a well disposed relationship for a more drawn out time. Scarcely any months after the marriage, the couple separated from each other.

Sherry Shah And Malik Anwar

Pakistani performing artist Sherry Shah was additionally unfit to keep up her marriage. She isolated only multi month after her marriage with Malik Anwar. As a matter of fact, Malik Anwar was an awful individual, all things considered. Sherry Shah took the assistance of host Maya khan and social laborer Ansar Burney, to dispose of her extortion and terrible spouse.

Shamoon Abbasi And Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik got married with Shamoon Abbasi. It was Humaima’s first marriage and Shamoon’s second marriage. Following two years, the couple went separate ways. Their separation news stunned everybody. The couple does not have any kid from their marriage. According to sources, genuine pressures emerged between the couple when Humaima Malik began appreciating another celebrated performing artist of the showbiz business.

Sataish Khan And Malik Noureed Awan

Previous Pakistani performer Sataish Khan got married with Malik Noureed Awan, a similar man who prior wedded Annie Khalid. Notwithstanding thinking about Annie’s separation and her announcements against Malik Noureed, Sataish Khan with no hesitance unquestionably wedded a similar person. Sataish and Malik got hitched in an imperial gathering in 2013. Anyway only half a month later, Sataish requested separation from Noureed.

Javed Sheikh And Salma Agha

This Pakistani performing artist who has additionally worked in various Indian movies first got married with Pakistani performer Javed Sheik. She was the second spouse of Javed Sheik. Them two began to look all starry eyed at each other on the arrangements of their film. The couple separated from soon after marriage and Javed Sheik got rejoined with his first spouse Zeenat, with whom he has two skilled children Momal and Shehzad Sheik.

Nadia Khan And Khawar Iqbal

Nadia Khan has dependably been a piece of debate be it the morning shows or her own life. After detachment from her first spouse, Nadia Khan wedded a man of his word named Khawar Iqbal with whom she has two kids, Aliza Khan and Azaan Khan. Nadia Khan took divorce from her husband Khawar Iqbal in 2012.

Juggan Kazim And Adnan Ghafoor

Juggan Kazim is an acclaimed Pakistani morning show host and on-screen character. The gifted performer got married without precedent for 2004 with a person named Adnan Ghafoor. According to sources, Juggan and Adnan fell in profound love subsequent to meeting each other at an occasion and soon this adoration changed over into genuine relationship. Only two months after the fact after the introduction of child kid, Juggan and Adnan split ways. Hamza stayed in the authority Juggan after separation.

Shamoon Abbasi And Javeria Abbasi

Acclaimed Pakistani on-screen character Shamoon Abbasi got married with her progression sister Javeria Abbasi in 2010. Shockingly, the couple separated from only multi year after their marriage. The ex-couple has a little girl named Anzela Abbasi. According to sources, Shamoon Abbasi became hopelessly enamored with performing artist Humaima Malik. So he cleared out Javeria for Humaima.

Azfar Ali And Salma Hassan

Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan, the general population associated with this marriage attempted their best to keep their separation an individual issue yet when individuals discovered that Azfar left Salma for Naveen Waqar a radical new discussion began. The reaction by the general population was strong to the point that Naveen and Azfar went in to stowing away for multi year. Azfar and Salma were hitched for a long time and had a little girl together before they got separated.

Saba Hameed And Pervaiz Shafi

Saba Hameed, already known as Saba Pervaiz Shafi, is additionally among separated from Pakistani superstars. She was before hitched to Syed Pervaiz Shafi however went separate ways after an involved acquaintance. She has two children Faris Shafi and Meesha Shafi from her first marriage.

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