Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani writer, motivational speaker, and a brilliant artist. Besides, she additionally turned into Pakistan’s first wheelchair-utilizing model. Moreover, she is additionally the national nmbassador for UN women Pakistan.

In 2015, she was in the BBCs 100 most inspirational ladies list.


Muniba was born on 3 March 1987, in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. Her age is 31 years and her religion is Islam. Discussing her nationality, she is Pakistani and her ethnicity is baloch.

Early Life

Muniba Mazari has a place with a baloch family. Mazari got her legs deadened in a mishap when she was making a beeline for the place where she grew up Rahim Yar Khan, her significant other nodded off and hit the auto. This mischance didn’t diminish her soul to help other people. She is likewise a donor and she set up the brand which is known as Muniba’s Canvas. The trademark of her image is Let Your Walls Wear Colors.

Moreover, after the incident, she had also adopted a boy which she calls her son.

Groundbreaking Moment

Muniba Mazari chose not to carry on with an existence of wretchedness and disillusion after her mischance. She discovered her inward quality by restoring the craftsman inside her after her loss of motion that happened nine years prior. She broke all shackles of physical handicap and rises above to accomplish her fantasies. Her speciality demonstrates her motivation in life which helped her to beat her feelings of dread.


Muniba Mazari has a place with a moderate baloch family. An unpleasant auto crash changed her life totally. In 2007, Muniba was going to the place where she grew up, Rahim Yar Khan, when her better half nodded off while driving and drove the auto into a discard. He could bounce out of the auto and spare his life yet she was left inside with serious wounds and wounds. This mishap has made her deadened and wheel seat destined for whatever is left she can possibly imagine.

Wedding and Husband

Muniba Mazari was hitched yet then they were isolated after Mazari’s mishap. After her mischance, the specialist revealed to her that she can never have a child yet then she received a kid. In this manner, there is no data with respect to her better half.


Muniba started her profession as an artist. Afterwards, she additionally turned into Pakistan’s first wheelchair-utilizing model. In 2007, she meta auto crash in which she endured a few wounds including spinal rope which left her paraplegic. From that point forward, she started to utilize the wheelchair and furthermore began to display. As a craftsman, she has built up her image as Muniba’s Canvas with the trademark Let Your Walls Wear Colors.

Muniba Mazari is a first wheelchair grapple. She was a periodic grapple and facilitated a show on PTV. Mazari was chosen as an inspirational lady in 2015 by BBC. Toni&Guy procured her as a model in Pakistan which makes her first wheelchair-utilizing model. In 2016, she was included in the Forbes 30 under 30. Mazari is presently a Brand Ambassador for RYTHM Foundation of QI and in addition to UN Women Pakistan. She is a motivational speaker and had partaken in different discussions and meetings. She is additionally a CSR set out toward Chughtai Labs.

Up until this point, Muniba has won a worldwide honour for philanthropic endeavours. Besides, she has additionally gotten trees Honor Award 2015 by WCCI Lahore Division took after by Shaheen Award 2015.

Motivational Speaker

Muniba is additionally a motivational speaker. Starting at now, she has given motivational chats on various stages, for example, TEDx, Young Presidents’ Organization, Global Leadership Conference, Vcon Dubai 2017, advertisement couple of something beyond. In addition, she additionally turned into Pakistan’s first Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women.

Purposes of Popularity

Muniba Mazari is Asia’s first wheelchair-bound model who¬†have fills in as a stay individual for National TV of Pakistan. In the year 2015, she was recorded among the BBC’s 100 persuasive ladies on the planet, which is without a doubt an awesome accomplishment hers as well as of the whole nation. She is one of the Pond’s Miracle Mentors. She is likewise the main motivational speaker and has been as of late assigned as the principal Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan.

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