I’m certain like you, I will look into online for these references and quotes at whatever point I feel that I’m gradually floating away from the lessons of Islam or the Iman was tested sooner or later of my life. Additionally, be it for wellspring of motivation or when I have to settle a broken heart, these Islamic statements gives me the chance to reflect about myself. It realigns my concentration and comprehends why we exist in any case.

Afterall, we’re people. We commit errors and always attempting to be a superior individual than we were yesterday. These are close to home battles that we as a whole face, and what I’ve learnt is that, it is the most imperative battle that we need to overcome. A few of us can identify with this as an individual Jihad, which characterizes how an adherent’s inside battle to experience the Muslim confidence and additionally conceivable.

Here, I have completed a rundown of Islamic quotes, with pictures, that mirrors the magnificence of Islam. I have gathered most prevalent Islamic Quotes from different Quran verses and Prophet Sayings. In the event that you are Islam devotee read them and offer your most loved statements with companions.

Stay Away From Haraam Stuff

Here comes a beautiful Islamic saying by Muhammad (S.A.W) which states that Allah hasn’t placed your health in the forbidden stuff.

Rewards for Respect

This is a quote by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) where he states that ” Meri ummat jab tak us haram muqaddas ka poora ehtaram karti rahegi aur us ki hurmat o tazeem ka haq adaa karegi, khairiat say rahay gi aur jab us mein ye baat baki naa rahay ge, wo baarbad hojaegi”.

Respect the Old People

This is another quote by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) which is “Meri Ummt borhay ki izzat karna meri izzat karna hai”.

Husband and Wife Problems

This is a quote by Nabi S.A.W which is “Miyaan biwi ko juddaa karna shaytan a sab say zyada pasandeeda fail hai”.

Leave Everything to Allah

This is a quote where Allah has said “Jab koi tum par zulm aray tou mairay intekaam par razi hojao yun kay maira intekaam tumharay intekaam say behtar hai”.

Always Trust Allah

Here is one more quote which goes like “Aur Allah par bharoosa rakho jo bhtareen karsaaz hai”.

Character Defines Person

This is a quote by Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) which goes like “Insaan khud azeem nahin hota, us ka kirdaar ussay azeem karta hai”.

Sickness Means Forgiveness

Here is a quote by Rusool (S.A.W) which is “Jo momin lagatar beemar rahay ga us ko baksh diya jaega”.

Respect your Mothers

This is a quote by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) which is “Allah Tallah nay tum par maaoun ki nafarmani ko haraam karaar diya hai”.

Stay Away from Abasement

Here is one quote by Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is “Zillat uthanay say behtar hai ay takleef uthao”.

Good Manners Have No Price

This is a quote by Hazart Ali (R.A) which goes like “Ikhlaaq wo cheez hai jiski keemat kuch nahin daini parti haan magar us say har insaan khareeda jaa sakta hai”.

Listen to the Sad People

Here comes a yet another quote by Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is “Agar zindagi ko hamesha khushiyoon kay saath guzarna chahtay ho, tou gamzada logon kay gam suna karo kabhi dukhi nahin hogay”.

Find People Worth Bearing

Here is a quote by Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is “Dosti aur mohabbat un say karp jo nibhana jaantay hun, nafrat un say karo jo bhoolana janatay hun aur ghussa un say karo jo manana jantay hun”.

Prayers Will Lead You To Success

Here is another quote by Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is “Namaz ki fikar apnay oper farz karlo khuda ki kasam duniya i fikar say azaad hojaoge aur kamyaabi tumharay kadam choomay ge”.

Don’t Expect From People

This is another quote by Hazrat Ali (R.A) which is “Logon say yaad naa karnay ka shikwa mat karo kyun kay jo insaan apnay rab ko bhool sakta hai wo sab ko bhool sakta hai”.

Never Get Dishearted

Here is a quote by Hazrat Ali(R.A) which is “Koi tumhara dil dukhae tou naraaz mat hona. Kyun kay qudrat ka kanoon hai jis drakht ka phal zyada meetha hota hai loug pathar bhi usi o martay hain”.

Sabar Is Everything

This is a quote by Hazrat Ali(R.A) which says “Sabar ek aisi sawari hai jo apnay sawar ko girnay nahin daiti naa kisi kay qadmon mein naa isi ki nazron say”.

Power Teaches Everything

Hazrat Ali(R.A) says “Tang dasti mein sakhawat karna, ghussay mein sach bolna aur taqat houtay hue maaf karna behtareen naiki hai”.

Knowledge Shows You The Right Path

This is another quote by Hazrat Ali(R.A) which says “Ilm tumhein raah dikhata hai aur amal tumhrin maqsad tak pohancha saita hai”.

Control Your Tongue

This is a quote by Hazrat Ali(R.A) which says “Asli insaan zabaan kay parday mein chuppaa hai”.

So, these were some of the inspirational Islamic quotes that you can look up to.

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