Pakistani shows are maybe the best on the planet. It’s little ponder that individuals from over the globe dribble over them, what with their incredible storylines and obviously, the performers and on-screen characters. In spite of the low quality lollywood motion pictures, Pakistan has dependably figured out how to furnish its gathering of people with the quality diversion fit as a fiddle of dramas. In spite of the fact that the nation has a tremendous rundown of fruitful dramas on its credit, there are a portion of the valuable shows that are really esteemed by the watchers of Pakistan, paying little mind to age and intrigue.

Searching for a decent drama to watch? Tired of flicking through channels and endeavoring to interpret which serial may be worth after? Fuss not! I have aggregated a definitive rundown of Pakistani shows that you shouldn’t miss. Remember however, while the vast majority of these shows are as of now on air, there are some which are yet to debut.

While we’re generally in a consistent battle to make sense of what we need to watch, as we sit before the TV with the remote in our grasp. I am generally here to make your lives simpler, so I have set up together a rundown of the 20 of the best dramas that you can watch over and over again.


Humsafar without a doubt needn’t bother with any presentation as it is the most watched Pakistani drama till date. Regardless of whether you need to let it out or not, we as a whole know somebody who cried on Khirad’s and Ashar’s division and cried in happiness when they both got together. Humsafar is basic and unadulterated and that is the thing that influenced it to sparkle. With no uncertainty, the dramatization excited a country and took Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan to super-fame that numerous on-screen characters just dream of.

Woh Aik Pal

‘Woh Aik Pal’ is about a cheerfully hitched couple, played by Ayeza Khan and Emmad Irfani, who have a kid. Supposedly on, a trio of companions endeavor to ransack Emmad Irfani yet incidentally wind up shooting him. Feroze Khan, the companion who shot Emmad Irfani, feels remorseful and thusly leaves his affection and weds Ayeza. The story goes ahead into channels of adoration, hurt, and reprisal.

O Rangreza

In view of the tale of a young lady called Sassi, whose father, Khayyam, is an artist. He has a straightforward spouse whom he seriously abuses, as he pines for a performing artist Sonia, with whom he composes contents for. Sassi is the little girl pining to be altogether similar to Sonia.


Dastaan isn’t only a serial; it’s an epic story of two countries, so unmistakably this rundown is deficient without the say of this wonderful story of affection. Dastaan portrays the account of Hassan as Fawad Khan and Bano as Sanam Baloch and their mind boggling lives torn separated by segment. Fawad Khan unquestionably completed an astounding activity at displaying us a person who might leave everything and anything to be with the lady he adores. This Fawad Khan starrer is certainly worth viewing.


As far as anyone knows in light of the life of the late online networking star, Qandeel Baloch, Baaghi investigates her life before she ended up plainly celebrated and lived far from the ‘enormous urban communities’. This is super hit drama of Pakistan based on the life on Qandeel Baloch making everyone aware what were the reasons that led to Qandeel Baloch’s murder.

Alif, Allah Aur Insaan

Featuring some industry fat cats, ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’ is the narrative of trust and connections, rotating around the lives of five unique individuals from five distinct foundations and their confidence and convictions. The show features the idea of how God remunerates the individuals who have confidence in, and work towards, diligent work and tolerance.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

All hail the effective exhibitions of Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed, the show associated great with the groups of onlookers, making it a standout amongst the most well known shows on the Pakistani TV. What tapped the gatherings of people in Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the story’s closeness to reality, and the way that the story wasn’t implausible from reality. Fawad Khan certainly figured out how to charm the group of onlookers with his character, so puts the dramatization in one of his best rundown.


‘Zindaan’ is a demonstrate that gives subjects of tormented love advertisement fixation, and it is sprinkled with lessons to be educated forever. There is a consistent battle amongst great and abhorrent, and the story goes ahead while the characters have a go at adapting to the pessimism and keep the connections inside the family in place.

Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai

The show manages a standout amongst the most relentless subjects in our general public: the disappointment over the introduction of girls, and the treatment of ladies. It is additionally an outright treat to watch veteran on-screen characters, Saima and Sajid Hussain, meeting up on screen, entrancing us with their execution.


Fantastic exhibitions by all the cast individuals influence this telefilm to emerge of the group. This telefilm got solid basic approval from pundits and groups of onlookers alike for the fruitful transmission of a decent story into a decent play. Behadd is one of the not very many demonstrates that influenced a re-to keep running on Indian channels yet we are not amazed with reference to why. The Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan is seen in a significant diverse symbol in this telefilm from this different characters, however keeps on charming the gatherings of people with his stellar acting.

Muhabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai

The show rotates around Kaneez Begum and her family. Kaneez Begum is a lady who has persevered through a considerable measure of hardships throughout her life. Disregarding those, she keeps up an enthusiasm for the world, and has made a cheerful situation in her home. The show spins around the house, it’s individuals and the connections inside that house.


To state that Ashk was a standout amongst the most profoundly anticipated shows of the season when it broadcast would not extend it as it genuinely might have been. The ritzy cast of Fawad Khan, Mehreen Raheel, Neelam Munir, and Seemi Raheel made a considerable measure of expections among the groups of onlookers. Be that as it may, the dramatization neglected to make an effect. While the content was the real issue with the show, Fawad Khan’s character of Rohail Hayat was very crisp, and was among the highs of this exceedingly foreseen dramatization.


A show with a reason – Numm won hearts in Pakistan and over the fringes also as a result of the solid content, and some glorious exhibitions by the lead cast. The story portrays the effect of old customs, fight framework, and the custom of Vani in a primitive framework, and how it influences the life of primary heroes. The plot rotates around the characters of Fawad Khan, Sania Syed, and Kanza Wayne, and the bend their story takes in light of the strict traditions.

Kuch Pyar Ka PagalPan

Fawad Khan assumes the part of a person adjacent with enormous dreams in his eyes in this drama, and even in the average set up, despite everything he sparkles as Mujtaba. The show stars Sanam Baloch as Kiran, Ayesha Khan as Danize, and Mikaal Zulfiqar as Shamraiz.

The genuine story of satisfaction and distress starts when Mujtaba (Fawad Khan) moves to Turkey to live with his uncle in quest for a superior vocation. Stamp this show in your to-watch rundown to see every one of the turns and contorts such Mujtaba’s reality takes once he moves out.


Played by Mehwish Hayat, this dabangg character isn’t only a pretty face; she is solid, smart and extremely creative. At the point when businessperson cum-goon Mohid (played by Humayun Saeed), becomes hopelessly enamored with her she declines to acknowledge his proposition and addresses each difficulty he sets for her with one of her own. Author Faiza Iftikhar conveys an entire bundle to the gathering of people; humor, social discourse and unadulterated stimulation all moved into one forcefully plotted drama.


The story is around two individuals from two distinct universes and how destiny unites them. It stars Saba Qamar in the captivating symbol of a form show with Zahid Ahmed as the male lead. Zahid’s character has a place with a family which dislikes demonstrating as a vocation. Saba’s character, then again, has officially made a name in the form world. This serial may be worth viewing in the event that it dodges shortsighted, highly contrasting characterisations and enables the group of onlookers to make their own judgments.


Pakistani shows have never shied far from suggesting extreme subjects however such subjects must be dealt with deference, learning and tasteful sense. Udaari stars Ahsan Khan in a negative part inverse Sammiya Mumtaz, with Bushra Ansari, Farhan Saeed and Urwa in the leads. Farhan’s essence implies we may get the chance to hear some incredible tunes. Since Farhat Ishtiaq is known as the ruler of sentiment, ideally this dramatization too will be as effective and empathetic as her past work.

Mann Mayal

Mann Mayal is unmistakable confirmation that whether he is wakeful or snoozing in a part, general society adores viewing Hamza Ali Abbasi on screen. Maya Ali has amazed commentators with a solid execution as Mannu — the gullible young lady adjacent. Lavish sets, brilliant lights and taking off ambient sounds makes it an effectively edible bit of amusement. While the serial is, might be, losing its edge for a few, the moving toward passage of a solid on-screen character like Aisha Khan guarantees to bring the punch over into the story.

Mein Sitara

The season serial brings us into the world behind the allure of the silver screen and gives truly necessary point of view to the restored and prospering Pakistani film of today. It stars Mikaal Zulfikar, Ayesha Gul, Saba Qamar, Nauman Ejaz, Hassan Ahmed, Azfer Rehman and Meera. Saba Qamar plays Soraya — a youthful servant who works vigorously to end up plainly a major star. A solid and crisp content by Faiza Iftikhar joined with Seema Tahir Ali’s insightful heading influences this an absolute necessity watch to for those intrigued by quality review.

Aap Kay Liye

This drama exhibits the crisp blending of Faysal Qureshi and Arij Fatima. The plot rotates around a carefree young lady who isn’t the residential goddess normally depicted in our TV serials. Her marriage to a more withdrawn, genuine man turns into a test for her. How do such unique identities change and oblige each other? Will their marriage even last? You should endure and find when you watch this show composed by the productive Faiza Iftikhar.

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