You have put on a lot more weight than you wanted because of eating sugars, fats and many other foods that are high in calories at home. Your scale is telling you that you need to stop eating, go downstairs and hit your home gym. Your exercises of choice are actually the treadmill followed by your rowing bike. You realize that it is time to get serious about taking those unwanted extra pounds off. Your clothes have gotten tighter and your family is beginning to take notice as well. You are getting tired whenever you go walking after taking only a few steps.

You are beginning to realize that it is time to change your lifestyle and get to working hard in your home gym, that has been collecting dust in the basement.

This article will tell you what are some of the best ways to compensate diet sins with your home gym.


If you have a home gym, some good advice would be to walk off those extra unwanted pounds by using your treadmill. This exercise is one of the most popular and common to be used by fitness gurus around the world. If you are looking to take the weight off in a slow but steady rate, then the treadmill can be used daily to do just that. You can use the treadmill to either simulate walking or running outdoors with the comfort of being inside your home.


One of the best ways to tone your body is to exercise with weights. Begin by using the lightest weight possible, particularly if you are a beginner. Build up your repetitions until you feel comfortable with a weight. After reaching your plateau, shift and begin using more weights with more repetitions. This will help to build your body’s muscle mass. Even if you choose to eat fatty foods, your body can stay trim and well toned with a great daily weight exercise regimen.


If you want to look good in spite of your diet sins, then getting on your home gym floor mat for some much needed crunches can help to tighten your stomach or core area for looking sexy during the summer time.

Remember that if you are a beginner, that abdomen work will be difficult at first until you work up enough sweat volume to strengthen your core stomach muscles. Crunches also burn calories very quickly so even with overeating and a major food overload, you should still be able to burn calories, increase your metabolism rate and lose or maintain your weight easily.


In spite of all the cakes, cookies and pies that you ate just last night, you can feel good tomorrow as you begin your new exercise regimen with your home gym. The gym allows you to work and tone your arms, thighs, legs, stomach, shoulders and just your overall body. Make sure and start with the smallest weight and a small amount of repetitions. You should start with 10 repetitions if possible and then increase as you become more comfortable. The more you work out, the better your body will feel with more energy and stamina needed for your daily chores.


Using your big stability ball to work off your diet sins is a great idea. The ball is something different to do and can make exercise a little bit more fun. The stability ball will increase your stamina and strengthen the different areas of your core and total body. You will increase your discipline as the ball forces you to learn a certain technique to bring out its best potential in helping you shape and tone your overall body.

These are some great ways for keeping off those unwanted pounds that are gained due to your diet sins of overeating. Sugar and fatty foods can quickly add calories and weight to your body frame which can cause extreme fatigue, water weight gain and diseases like heart, kidney and lung diseases that can all be fatal. Make sure and use your home gym to readily burn off calories while keeping off that extra weight. As you begin to start a daily exercise regimen using your home gym, you will notice that your body has more energy and stamina. As with any regimen, be sure and speak with your primary physician to make sure that the exercises you will be doing will not be too strenuous for your body frame.  Your doctor can also make suggestions about healthier foods that can be combined with your daily exercise regimen.

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