Some women over the age of 100 who date partners much younger than them have a reference as “lionesses,” kind of reminiscent of cougars. That label is another given to women of approximately late 40s, who date mates of a different generation than themselves. What are the terms for the partners who keep company with women much younger than them?

Are these like badges of honor because these people “still got it?” Although at their ages, they’re not supposed to “have it.” At what mile marker do humans become “senior?” When do rules begin to apply again as they did in youth, like with dating?

Not until approximately the age of 12 in today’s society can an adolescent go on specific dating sites (parentally-guided, hopefully). Does that approval have an expiration like when you hit the age of 30-something? How old is too old to date? Is there a list of dating websites you’re supposed to avoid when you get gray hair? How is it all supposed to work?

Reasons Why You Will Never Be Too Old To Date

“Senior” is a relative term. When you’re 20, someone 40 is old. But to that 40-year-old, usually, someone around 62 is considered a senior. Many 60-year-olds in today’s society are more spirited than the 20-year-olds, making the term senior seem ill-placed.

It’s easy to push dating off as young people’s entertainment. That’s simply not the case. It’s anyone’s game as long as you’re a mature adult who goes into it with the right frame of mind and no specific expectations, more of a casual, lighthearted approach compared to what you might have had earlier in your lifetime.

Open Mind

For many people who choose to date after a certain age, you’ve already likely been married, had children, a career. The new people you meet at this stage might not be a lifetime match, but they could end up being great friends.

If you find yourself on a dating site, you might find potential matches who are immature for their age or are looking for their youth in a much younger partner, or maybe the person is merely wrong for you. It’s no reason to stop going out and enjoying the experiences. It’s all in fun. One of those times, you might find the ideal companion.

Age Restrictions

You don’t have to limit yourself to a specific age category. Maturity comes in the most unlikely packages. It’s not necessarily attached to an age or any particular level of experience. There are upside-down relationships that are exceptionally successful, with an incredible gap between the two partners.

The only people that typically have a problem with these couples are the ones on the outside looking in. And they don’t matter. Sometimes it happens inadvertently, and sometimes, even if you’re on a specific niche dating app, younger people will go looking for someone of advanced age as their preference. Don’t automatically shove it away. Click to read about age being merely a number.


Don’t indulge in hobbies or activities specifically to meet another person. If these are not things that you enjoy personally, don’t go. You’ll end up with someone with whom you need to do the things they find fulfilling because you gave a false impression. And likely, you spent many years already doing that.

Find things that interest you and get involved. You might meet people you choose to interact with, possibly form a companionship, and with whom you can participate in the things about which you’ve grown passionate.

Be Happy

Age is merely a number. You don’t have to transfix on what it all means. There’s no need to rush into a deep, committed companionship, so you’re not alone. Wallow in independence and enjoy yourself. Celebrate yourself, indulge in self-care, nurturing, and love – things that became neglected at one time, perhaps.

And date. You don’t have to date any specific individual on a serious or regular basis. Play the field. Have a different dinner date every evening or a coffee engagement for a Friday or maybe a Sunday brunch. Joining a dating site means that you get to meet all kinds of interesting people, but it doesn’t mean you have to attach to anyone.

Break Old Habits

If you’re a divorcee, you know what you don’t want. You’re aware of where things went wrong and how you want the future for yourself.

Try to catch yourself when you look for matches to avoid those that resemble your typical type. Go for the opposite end of the spectrum. If your ex was a lawyer, go for a painter. If he happened to be of average height with blonde hair, go for tall, dark, and handsome. Refresh your life and take it in a new direction.

For Health’s Sake

As we age, it’s essential to engage in a healthy wellness program, including a nutritious, wholesome diet, fitness regimen, and happy relationships. People who are actively involved in a healthy dating life suffer less stress-related illnesses than the singles, who are more career-driven.

So, not only are you never too old to date, you owe it to yourself to date, well into your advanced years, as far as you can take. Be that lioness or whatever the male label for that version would be. We might need to make one up ourselves.

In any case, you’re only “senior” if you allow yourself to be the quintessential definition of that term. For most people, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Many of us genuinely feel like the 12-year-old version who likes to play in the mud (maybe that’s just me) – but then we look in the mirror.

It’s simply an illusion. What’s most important is the way you feel. Only you have the capacity to place restrictions on your life. No one can tell you that it’s not okay for you to date and have a good time. And you shouldn’t listen even if they try. Go to for real-life dating app experiences.

Final Thought

Dating sites can be a big time for any age. There are specific niche sites with different categories such as age, religion, race, whichever would make you feel most comfortable to find people with whom to interact.

Sadly, people begin to feel as though they’re too old to be dating or to join in on the primary popular websites as early as 30-years-old. There’s a certain stigma with these all-inclusive dating sites where there are no restrictions, that the people are all incredibly young, and they follow a specific type.

It might be more fact-based than stigma, but it likely depends on the sites with which you get involved. More people today follow the niche-based platforms to eliminate wasting time since the members have to be of a specific demographic to join. This way you know everyone has something in common and shared interests.

A precaution that’s always stressed is to only use paid subscriptions for any dating app so that there are member IDs on file for an extra bit of security. Some of these platforms also do background checks on members and provide certain protection features for their sites as well. You’re never too old to be safe.

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