Finding love is one of the best feelings one can ever have, especially when what did you meet was something unique, maybe even a case of a blessing in disguise. No matter how you found love, one thing we all know is that you want it to stay, and this is where most guys and even women, in some cases, decide to ask their partner to spend forever with them because they never want to leave them.

You can be sure, however, that it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not as easy as surprising her with the gift that he/she’s always wished for and getting down on one knee. That’s why you need some information beforehand, to help you keep the entire process running as smoothly as possible. That includes tips on what to do before popping the question, as well as what you probably should do when proposing. In addition, women planning to ask their partners to be with them forever can also stick around for some insight on how to do it:

So, What Do You Do Before Proposing?

1. Ensure that you’re both ready

It would be so devastating to try and get someone you love a lot to marry you, only for them to reject your proposal, with whatever reason they have at the back of their mind. Even though it seems obvious that you have to talk about marriage with your partner, try to understand as much as you can their plans for the future so you can determine whether proposing is a good idea. Starting such a conversation is quite a challenge as it is considerably sensitive, but it’s also entirely possible to get something good out of it. Try to keep the topic as broad as you can so that your partner won’t figure out that you are trying to make them a marriage proposal. You can even discuss something that caught your attention in a certain TV show, and from there, the conversation should flow rather well.

2. Let their parents know about your plan

In some cases, talking to your partner’s parents about your plan can go a long way in making the whole process easier for you, when you know that you both have their support. Of course, if your in-laws think that your relationship as it is, has potential for being greater than that, they should be more than willing and even excited to see the both of you take the next step in life. Even though this approach is deemed old school by some people, it can go a long way in helping you relax and even feel more confident to make your move, knowing that you’ve got your partner’s parents’ support.

3. Go for the gem

Once you are ready to make the most important move in your life, it’s time to get the “tools” and get down to “work”. You need a perfect engagement ring that your partner will love, given that they will hopefully wear it for the rest of their life. Now that you have been with them for quite some time, you should have already figured out what kind of jewelry they love, and if you don’t it wouldn’t hurt to ask a family member or close friend to help you figure it out.

Once you have such information, the next thing you want to do is get to know her ring size. You can do so by getting one of her rings and fitting it on your finger, then marking how far it reaches. Try to do your best at getting the size right, but don’t let it stress you a lot as most jewelers allow for adjustments of Engagement Rings if, in any case, it doesn’t fit as expected.

4. Customize it – make it personal

Proposing to someone you love should be a special thing, to the both of you, and in a great degree to her. You want to make her remember the moment for the rest of her life, so make it special. That’s when you think of getting an extraordinary set up in a place that you know will make her feel special to you. There’s no limitation on this one; all that matter is your creativity and understanding of the things that make her happy.

5. Get some expert help

As much as you are trying to not involve many parties in the engagement process, it’s perfectly alright to get some help from professionals who can help you carry out your plan more successfully. Lots of companies offer such services, to make your bent-knee moment all the more memorable to whoever will be present. Even though such a decision might cost you a fortune, the benefits you get make it worthwhile, and more importantly a stress-free process for you.

6. Get some notes

It’s not imperative that you have your speech on paper, but it would not hurt to jot down what you wish to say, so that you make a good plan of how to say it. You don’t have to say exactly what you’ve written down, and if you forget, you can as well consider winging it, as long as it’s something genuine, something that does not seem forced. Try to identify important things such as what did you figure out that your partner was the one you wanted to spend forever with.

7. How shall you celebrate?

This is another part that requires deep understanding of your significant other’s preferences and likings. This is because there are those who will prefer private celebrations while others go for whole-family-celebration kinds of setups. Whatever the case, consider planning a celebration that works out for both of you.

8. The moment counts

Waiting for the right moment is another thing that can guarantee the success of your proposal, which is why it’s advisable not to rush. If, for example, you prefer a low-key moment, you might have to wait until your partner is a bit stressed for you to make a move.

9. Fake backstory to the rescue

There is nothing as upsetting than someone figuring out that you have a surprise for them, as these are often the moments that could ruin the entire plan. As such, comes up with a convincing backstory, something that will distract your sweetheart’s attention so that they never know what your plan for the session is.

10. Safeguard the ring

Engagement rings are unexplainably important when a proposal is involved, and the last thing you want to do is try to reach for the ring only to discover that it’s not there. As such, always store the ring safely until it’s time to give it to your partner.

 What about during the proposal?

1. Store the ring discreetly

Don’t risk ruining the sweetness of the moment by not carefully “hiding” the ring so that your partner won’t make a guess of what is about to happen. Be careful with how you store the ring, and keep it somewhere you can easily reach it, so that you won’t struggle when it’s time. Remember that you want a smooth flow of the entire process.

2. Hire a photographer

Proposing to your lover is one of the moments that will forever stay in both of your minds, so consider having a way to document the entire process. It would be advisable to hire a professional photographer who will capture every beautiful moment, as this will go a long way in creating beautiful memories.

3. Time to pop the question

Once you are ready, go for it – pop the question you have been waiting to ask for so long. When asking her to marry you, look into her eyes and give her an assurance that you mean what you say. If you have stashed the ring in one of your sock, then remember which one it is, so that you kneel on the opposite side, as you want to easily get the ring.

4. Don’t rush

Once you’ve done your part by asking your partner for a hand in marriage, give them ample time for whatever emotions they wish to express, then go for the final part – put a ring on their finger. Congratulations, your partner is yours to cherish, now and forever.

For Ladies Looking to Propose

The same points come in handy, and always ensure that you know what your boyfriend likes, so that you create a setup that he will love without a second thought. Get a lovely ring, and plan out the entire process to make it unique and special for him, and you shall get him so surprised that you might have to ask twice whether it’s a genuine “Yes!!” or a confusion “Yes!!”.

Getting your marriage proposal right is the best way to create beautiful memories that you shall cherish for the rest of your life, so do whatever you can to make it special. Keep in mind that you shall do it only once if your partner is bound to say “Yes”, so give it your best.

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