Events like wedding can never end up total without mehndi. Ladies and their relatives wind up occupied about the sort of gems they might want to wear or influence their girl to wear upon the arrival of wedding. Lady of the hour must look the best among the group as this would be the essential individual in the whole event.

Mehndi is a compulsory event where the beauticians apply magnificent designs with mehndi cone or glue over the hands and even legs of the lady of the hour of the event. Mehndi designs are very basic in hands. Be that as it may, have you attempted it over your feet or legs? It will truly look amazing once you depict it over your feet. You can apply it with mehndi cone or tube accessible in the restorative store. Regardless of whether it is the event of wedding or engagement, mehndi will look exceptionally appealing over your skin tone.

Each girl needs exceptional and excellent mehndi design on their big day. Major mehndi combination configuration has been in slant for the time being. Which incorporates round botanical mehndi design, peacock based mehndi designs, associated flower and leaf mehndi designs and a lot more.

It doesn’t just covers distinctive parts of legs. While a few young ladies lean toward coordinating hand and legs mehndi configuration to demonstrate a likenesses in outline while others want to have differentiated mehndi design on legs and hands.

So, below are 20 of the most beautiful designs of mehndi which you can apply on your legs!

Simple Pattern Design

This feet mehndi designis motivated from the season of mughals. This has a regal touch with additional common outlining.  You should likewise attempt it today to get an additional normal inclination. You will feel like a ruler of illustrious family in the wake of drawing this outline and wearing anarkali style pieces of clothing.

Peacocks on Legs

Feet of the lady of the hour is finished with clean plans and less issues in the example. The entire impact is of a peacock or a mythical serpent that is viewed as useful for a lady of the hour in the Asian nations.

Floral Design

The design is finished with milder tones added to the solid shades and lines. The aggregate impact consolidates the differentiation and draws out the stunning result coordinating a lady of the hour. Wedding feet with themes of peacock:

Black Mehndi Design

The example is totally extraordinary and imaginative. The plans in floral example give impact of highly contrasting board. The ladies will love this example as it is extremely inventive and totally beautiful.

Full Leg Mehndi Design

Your feet will thoroughly be secured with the additional standard mehndi design. These designs are normally made for new ladies who wish to be ravishing from all points. Since the visitor would watch her from make a beeline for feet, even her feet should look extremely delightful.

Intricate Mehndi Design

This fashioner mehndi has a fine strokes and circles. It won’t not be simple for people to draw precisely the same mehndi design, however you can go to a mehndi pro and request that her draw the very same outline. You can even attempt it yourself to get beautiful look.

Arabic Design

You can see both dim dark colored hues utilized as a part of this specific sort of mehndi plan. You can likewise attempt this with the mehndi cones and tubes accessible in the market. You can get one unique shading mehndi and another dark. The two makes a great blend.

Traditional Mehndi Design

By observing this mehndi outline you can make out this has an alternate review. Every one of your fingers will be secured with bended strokes that have a speck at the best. Indeed, even a seat like plan can be seen simply under the toe fingers which influence the feet to configuration isolate from that of its toe.

Floral Mehndi Design

Mehndi is the customary kind of prepping method that has been a culture to numerous Pakistanis and others. In any case, today, even the modernized society is making the most of its advantage. In this manner, keeping in mind the end goal to give an advanced touch to conventional succession, mehndi is sponsored with shading to give a splendid and in vogue standpoint.

Orange Mehndi Design


This is the orange shading mehndi design that looks staggering on feet. It is recommended to apply orange shade of mehndi on the feet of those individuals who have reasonable composition. This shading will be darker once the time passes on. On the off chance that you have taken out the mehndi today morning, the shading will be darker at night.

Intense Mehndi Design

This is one of the additional standard plans of mehndi that suits your feet well when you are preparing for the wedding event. Towards the feet, the plan is thick where as in the center it winds up more extreme leaving the two side of the feet clear. It gives a great picture to each one of the individuals who have more extensive feet.

Elegant Leafy Mehndi Design

This mehndi design looks extremely exceptionally basic with a spectacular touch. It is likewise simple to draw whenever. Only couple of spots in an arrangement in your thumb nail makes the whole outline featured.

Round Circles Design

The mehndi configuration has circles in the center which has mount like appearance encompassing the circle. Two plans are made at the tops and also the base of your feet. The outline likewise shapes with an alternate format in every one of the toe fingers.

Engagement Mehndi Design

In the event that you are searching for a design which is not the same as different designs in the list, this one is going to be your favorite. This is neither excessively confused nor two straightforward. You can put on this plan for your engagement party. You will look exceptionally appealing among the group.

Stars Mehndi Design

Presently, this is another dazzling plan which takes the state of stars. The stars encompasses around your lower leg with an exceptionally appealing pendant in the center. The stars with other designs additionally look exceptionally alluring by and large.

Bridal Legs with Motifs

Feet of the lady is finished with clean design and less issues in the example. The design has been so perfectly made that you can actually see the neatness and the elegance. The bride is surely going to love her legs.

Beautiful Peacock Design

This design looks to a great degree luxurious and totally delightful, and is a standout amongst other themes to have in any of the dulhan mehndi plans for legs. The accentuation is on the peacock that is drawn on the front. Many-sided plans improve three toes leaving two with insignificant outlines of specked circles.

Gorgeous Ankle Design

This one of the great mehndi designs for leg by which your legs look exceptionally lovely and exquisite and permit any lady feel like a ruler. Its mind boggling outlines discuss the mastery of the craftsman. It is essentially an anklet write outline which influences your lower leg to look delightful.

Arabic Mehndi Design

Today, the vast majority of the general population like little and straightforward outlines than entangled and fine points of interest. This plan is an incredible blend of Floral and Arabic Mehndi Design. A number of customary flower theme and Arabic example roused the themes in this design.

Trendy Mehndi Design

This flower design is one of the popular Mehndi plan for the leg, which twisting up your calf with exceptionally astounding way and your legs look incredible. This design is anything but difficult to make and not a tedious technique. In any case, this plan is extremely normal; since this is select by numerous ladies.

So, these were some of the most beautiful designs. I hope you got the one you were looking for!

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