Do you think bliss is easy? I likewise trust that a bit of cheesecake can make anybody cheerful. While every other person is talking about Nutella and Nutella-filled pastries, enable me to take you on an energizing adventure to locate the best cheesecakes in Lahore. I let it be known’s been troublesome finding a solid, tried and true cheesecake in Lahore.

In frantic, cheesecake-wanting circumstances I’ve been served yoghurt with strawberry sauce, however the present the day that stops! I went on a chase for the most flawlessly awesome cheesecakes in Lahore that you are welcome to screen capture and be careful on your telephone for when hunger strikes.

I’m almost certain there are bounty all the more, however, this is what I can prescribe to you after my cheesecake chase. Guarantee these are the best cheesecakes in Lahore that I could discover. If you haven’t attempted any of these even once, you have to get on it immediately! Regardless of whether you’re on a journey for an invigorating, tart treat, or attempting to fulfilling your taste buds while on a financial plan, these three restaurants have you secured.


This empowering cheesecake has everything! With an extraordinary cream and mash from the scones, this New York Cheesecake is an all-rounder and difficult to beat as I would like to think. I for one found the cream cheddar kind of Masoom’s more articulated than in the cheesecake at Hot Spot.

Hot Spot

The New York Cheesecake is certain to take you to a parallel world loaded with sweet, sweet joy. The heavenly wafer base and heated cream cheddar filling has a rich and thick surface, drawing out the rich smooth taste of the cream – a key segment of any cheesecake encounter.

Kitchen Cuisine

Kitchen Cuisine is a staple for those hoping to fulfil their sweet tooth. Their outlet in Lahore offers a radiant collection of cheesecakes, including New York and Philadelphia cheesecakes. In any case, it’s the tart kick of their mark Blueberry Cheesecake that is beyond words!

Second Cup

Second cup is a go-to place for anybody who loves coffee as they serve the best. Not just that, if you haven’t tried their strawberry cheesecake, trust me you are missing on a lot in your life.

Billy Bunter’s

Billy Bunter’s has the most amazing strawberry cheesecake that you can get in Lahore. The cheesecake will make you fall in love with it instantly.


Bovinoes is another great place in Lahore where you can get your hands on their most amazing New York cheesecake. This cheesecake is served with strawberry puree to give more taste.

Hot Fuzon

Looking for a place in Lahore where you can get the best New York cheesecake? Well, it definitely has to be hot fuzon, I mean look at how tempting their cheesecake looks like.

New York Coffee, Packages Mall

How about a delicious cup of coffee with a mouth-watering cheesecake? Well, the combo definitely sounds good and you can visit  New York Coffee, Packages Mall for that purpose. They serve amazing New York cheesecake with salted caramel sauce.

The Little Eatery

The Little Eatery is definitely not a new name for the Lahoris as this place serves some of the most scrumptious food followed by desserts. Their New York cheesecake with strawberries and served with strawberry sauce is totally a cheesecake to die for.


Here comes another place that serves some great coffee and together with that their New York cheesecake with vanilla ice cream shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Urban Kitchen Lahore

Urban Kitchen Lahore is another place to get your hands on the most amazing cheesecake in the city. They serve peanut butter cheesecake which sounds a lot different than the rest and trusts me you won’t regret ordering it.

The Cakery Bakery

Now this place The Cakery Bakery is a home-based bakery where they serve some of the best home-made desserts that are worth trying. Their lotus cookie cheesecake with lotus cookie ice cream cheese icing is something you should not miss at any cost.

The Urban Cafe Yogilicious

How about you try a cheesecake which is a little different than the rest to change your taste buds? Well, you should definitely try out the salted caramel and chocolate sponge cheesecake from The Urban Cafe Yogilicious.

Coffee, Tea & Company

How can we leave behind this amazing place where you can get some of the most mouth-watering desserts. Their New York cheesecake is definitely worth a try in case you’re a true cheesecake lover.

The Cheesy People

How about you give try to one more home-based restaurant where you can get your home-made food that tastes amazing? Well, this strawberry cheesecake is a must try which will give your taste buds a happy taste.

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