Bushra Maneka is around 50 years of age and has a place with persuasive Wattoo family in Punjab’s Pakpattan region. She filled in as a supporter of Imran Khan, they both as of late got hitched on eighteenth Feb 2018. Bushra Bibi who was Bushra Manika a couple of months prior is the ex of a Government official, a traditions officer Mr. Khawar Ghulam Fareed Manika, who is the child of previous government Minister Ghulam Mohammad Manika.

He was hitched to Bushra Manika and they have 5 kids, two of their children Musa & Ibrahim finished their graduation from Aitchison College and traveled to another country for advanced education. Their oldest girl Mehru is little girl in law of MPA Mian Atta Mohammad Manika, so obviously, the vast majority of Bushra’s family are supporters of PML(N).

As of late she has been in news about getting hitched to PTI pioneer Imran Khan, despite the fact that she isn’t an open figure at all somewhat she goes through an existence with add up to protection and don’t have any character in any sort of media. Numerous media sources asserted that when she was gotten some information about the marriage with Imran Khan, she said if this is chosen as my destiny, it will be a perfect request.

Bushra Manika has a place with Pak Pattan Sharif, and she has transformed herself into an extremely otherworldly individual. She has impact over PTI pioneer Imran Khan as he pronounced her as his profound counsel. Imran Khan has been going to her for otherworldly direction, particularly after she anticipated that he will win a seat from Lodharan. Ms. Bushra Manika has committed her life to mysticism.

Then again, PTI authorities have expressed that Imran Khan has proposed her yet she requested some time before settling on a ultimate choice, she needs some an opportunity to thoroughly consider it and to counsel with her family, including her youngsters.

Bushra Maneka, in her late 40s, is known as a regarded confidence healer in Pakpattan, Punjab. She was hitched to Khawar Fareed Maneka, a senior traditions authority and child of previous Federal Minister Ghulam Farid Maneka. Bushra and Khawar apparently got separated in 2017 as a result of individual reasons, finishing their 30-year old marriage. Bushra Manika has a place with Pak Pattan Sharif, and is known as an exceptionally otherworldly individual who takes after and spreads the. It is said that she has a gigantic impact over PTI pioneer Imran Khan as he announced her as his otherworldly counselor.

Marriage with Imran Khan

The gathering issued photos of Imran’s nikah with Bushra Bibi, in which close relatives of the lady of the hour could be seen. Imran’s companion Zulfi Bukhari and Awn Chaudhry said the nikah was solemnized by Mufti Saeed in Lahore on Sunday eighteenth Feb 2018. The PTI administrator supposedly left for Islamabad alone later Sunday night. Imran Khan, 65, first came in contact with Bushra Bibi for otherworldly direction a few years prior.

Ex Husband of Bushra Manika

Khawar Farid Maneka is a senior authority of Customs division, having a place with Pakpattan and is an otherworldly lover of the thirteenth century spiritualist Baba Farid Ganj Shakkar. Khawar’s dad Ghulam Muhammad Maneka was a government official and furthermore filled in as an elected clergyman under Benazir Bhutto. Khawar’s sibling Ahmad Raza Maneka had additionally challenged a decision in 2013 on PTI ticket from NA-165 however lost to PML-N’s Syed Athar Hussain Shah Gillani.

Khawar Maneka is an ex-Aitchisonian and has additionally examined in the United States, where he was viewed as one of the rich understudies from Pakistan. In the wake of coming back to Pakistan, he endeavored CSS exam and joined Customs division. At present, he is an officer in Grade-21. He was hitched to Burshra Riaz of the Wattoo faction

Bits of Gossip

Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf (PTI) administrator Imran Khan said he has just had profound relations with Bushra Maneka, to whom he proposed marriage after her separation. Reacting to an inquiry concerning bits of gossip about his third marriage, the PTI boss stated: “It harms me to discuss the issue since she has a place with an exceptionally preservationist family and watches the purdah.” He guaranteed that even his kids and his sisters didn’t realize that he had proposed marriage to Bushra Maneka. Mr Khan included: “This lady has watched purdah for a large portion of her life. It hurt her family’s assessments. Each time I have associated with her, she has been in purdah… This story has caused her so much shame.

A Simple Married Life

PTI boss Imran Khan’s new spouse Bushra Manika has chosen to avoid legislative issues and won’t participate in PTI gatherings or mobilizes. As indicated by points of interest uncovered by sources from inside the gathering, Bushra Bibi’s youngsters will remain with their dad while she takes up home at Bani Gala with the cricketer-turned-government official. Bushra Bibi will keep on remaining at Bani Gala and will carry on with a private life far from the general population glare.

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