The transgender group needs portrayal in predominant press. While that has stayed predictable for a long time, there are numerous outlets and people that are battling the same. The society has finally started to accept the transgender rights in big cities of Pakistan while there are also some people who think of them as very low.

Zara Changezi is a transgender model and extremist who’s quickly becoming famous. While the transgender group battles to speak to itself from inside, it’s essential to have individuals encouraging this portrayal. The most unmistakable case is Kami Sid. Not exclusively is she clearing her direction onto our screens, she’s additionally ensuring she discusses causes that issue close by.

Which is the reason it’s extraordinary that Fatima Zia, Meerub Taimur, and Anoushey Khan from Lahore Grammar School sorted out a photograph shoot with the transgender model, Mavia, for their Global Perspectives CIE venture, The Flip Side. The young ladies were joined by NCA graduate and picture taker, Umar Khan (Ukhano). The design mark JEEM gave the outfits that Mavia was seen in.

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